Worthpad: The Infinite Wealth Generation Protocol

What is Worthpad?

Worthpad is an accelerator and incubator platform that will help potential projects to grow with the help of professionals. With the help of Worthpad, projects will get support for their development and at the same time connect with investors who are ready to support their project funding. Because as you know, nowadays there are many potential platforms out there where it is difficult to get funding and professional support for their projects, so it’s no wonder many potential projects end up having to end because they don’t get enough support for their project. . That’s why Worthpad is here as an accelerator and incubator platform which will help potential projects to be able to get assistance related to their finances and project development.

What features does Worthpad provide?

Worthpad aims to be an incubator and accelerator platform that will connect potential projects with investors. In this way, potential projects can get liquidity and professional support for their project development, which later when they are successful will provide profits to Worthpad and users who have participated.

  • Worthpad allows potential projects to join and get support from Worthpad’s launchpad platform which consists of 3 products, incubator, accelerator, and self launcher.
  • Worthpad allows users’ assets to remain safe from various unwanted things with the Worth Insurance Treasury, which later all platforms launched from Worthpad will contribute to this treasury.
  • Worthpad allows users to securely exchange crypto via the DEX platform built on Ethereum and Binance blockchains.
  • Worthpad allows users to stake their tokens on the Worth DVC Fund to maximize their investment. Later Worth DVC Fund will invest in potential projects with high ROI.

#Tokenomics :

Worthpad has a native token named WORTH token which will be the main payment on the platform. WORTH token will be launched with a total supply of 100,000,000,000 WGC and will serve as a utility token that can be used as access to various features on the platform and to stake tokens to earn passive income.

In Conclusion

Worthpad is a platform that connects potential projects with crypto investors looking to invest in potential projects. With its incubation and accelerator solutions, Worthpad allows potential projects to get funding and professional support for their projects. In this way, these potential projects can thrive and survive in the market. To be able to participate users only need to hold a WORTH token and then they can participate in seed rounds, presales and private sales of top tier crypto projects. And if users want, they can stake their tokens to maximize their investment.

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