Breezecoin is a Cryptocurrency and Improving Everyone Lifestyle Through Blockchain Technology


  • About Blockchain
  • Blockchain is a particular type of data source. It differs from an average database in the manner it stores data; blockchains store info in blocks that happen to be therefore chained together. As different data will come in it is certainly entered into a clean block. After the block is filled up with data it is chained onto the prior block, which causes the data chained mutually in chronological order. Transactions on the blockchain network are approved by a good network of a large number of computers. This gets rid of almost all individual involvement in the verification method, leading to fewer human mistakes and a precise record of information.
  • An Overview on Breezecoin
  • Breezecoin is a worldwide Real Estate investment platform headed by Harald Kendzia and a good couple of other team customers who have varying degrees of numerous experiences in the blockchain, property, and financing sector. the business is poised to incorporate blockchain-founded cryptocurrency technology with owning a home.
  • The infrastructure of Breezecoin (BRZE) is made on the Ethereum blockchain, adopting the ERC20 token standard. By deploying the audio nature of Smart Contracts, the company can automate the true estate transaction method while fighting fraud and getting rid of downtime censorship.

Why Breeze de Mar Chose Blockchain Technology?

The start of a new era

  • While the Coronavirus was beginning to spread, our team has taken some time to reevaluate the evolution of Breezecoin. By learning from our mistakes, and with hope for the future, we have started developing our cryptocurrency even more. Since we have wanted you to have new ways to use BRZE, our focus started to change on the acceptance fields; For this reason, you are already able to use your crypto for health tourism services, mobile phones, home decor, accessories, and textiles.
  • After this period, our team has started to work on this new concept even more, which was released on the 5th of February, this year.

Your lifestyle matters!

  • Breezecoin is now cryptocurrency-related to your lifestyle. We are currently focusing mostly on 2 main objectives:
  • - Acceptance fields: We want to offer to you even more opportunities to benefit from in the future. For example, if you live in Istanbul, you will soon be able to pay for your food and drinks with BRZE (and if you live anywhere else, just wait for it a bit longer; the restaurant is having plans to spread to other countries);
  • - Be-Life: We are currently developing a mobile application, where you will have access to your wallet for different cryptocurrencies, have tools to improve your lifestyle, and even win crypto-prizes while having some fun! Get ready to download this application, as it will be launched in the second quarter of this year.
  • Moreover, we have also changed the token distribution: until the start of February, 100 million coins were locked as a reserve, and 100 million coins were on the market. On the 5th of February, we have moved 80 million coins from the reserve to the market, giving a total of 180 million BRZE you have access to!

1. What is Breezecoin?

1.1. History

  • Breezecoin is a global Real Estate investment project led by Harald Kendzia and a bunch of other team members. They are people with varying levels of experience in blockchain, real estate, and finance. the company is ready to combine blockchain-based cryptocurrency technology with real estate investment.

1.2. Main features of Breezecoin

  • Breezecoin is on top of the ERC20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain. Make the most of the benefits of the Ethereum blockchain. So Breezecoin is a blockchain asset that has value and can be sent and received. Similar to Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any other cryptocurrency.
  • Since Breezecoin is a token based on the Ethereum blockchain, it is stored in an Ethereum address. BRZE can be used or stored by anyone with an Ethereum address. Any Ethereum wallet app or wallet website that supports ERC20 tokens can be used to store and use BRZE. Standard ERC20 token functions such as transfer and approval can be used on BRZE.
  • The total supply is fixed at 200,000,000 and all tokens are pre-mined. 50% of the supply is kept to reserve for future development, while 3% is for early investors and 47% is for sale.

2. Breeze coin highlights

  • The transfer of tokens is cheap and fast;
  • Digital content can be sent peer-to-peer. There is no need for any third parties or intermediaries to transfer digital assets.
  • Digital assets are open to everyone. They are neutral and global. Without borders, anyone in the world from anywhere can get digital assets without any permission using peer-to-peer token transfer.
  • Digital assets can be used as a medium of exchange.
  • Programmable digital assets with smart contracts. It allows for much more flexibility than traditional assets.

3. Outstanding application for sending Breezecoin

  • Breezecoin is focused on becoming the digital currency of the travel sector. The coin will be used to pay for tourism, travel, and healthcare services and products at preferential rates. It is also a payment and money transfer solution for travel agencies.
  • The Breeze token has a fundamental value tied to a physical asset — real estate. It is serving as a settlement entity for all projects under the management of Breeze de Mar. It is a subsidiary of the Breeze project residence in Orlando, USA. This place is becoming a top destination for tourism. Every year, up to 70 million people come to admire the beautiful sights of this region. Breeze de Mar has over 60 years of valuable experience in real estate and construction.
  • In addition, BZE also offers excellent investment opportunities for real estate investors who want to cooperate. Investors have the opportunity to pay at least 20% upfront when purchasing any property in the Breezecoin resort real estate market at a reasonable interest rate.

4. Buy and sell Breezecoin


5. Conclusion

  • The Breezecoin project is on its way to becoming a major player in the global real estate investment field. The company is currently exploring other areas that could serve as a top destination for tourism. Las Vegas, Hawaii and the Bahamas top the list. As the global real estate market continues to expand, BRZE is one of the projects worth your attention. Hope the article is useful for you in the investment process. Good luck!
  • The entire project consists of 5 milestones, of which:
  • The first one has consisted of taking the main idea of creating a mobile application and developing a thorough strategy based on the goals and objectives of Breezecoin and its community. Furthermore, the Breezecoin team has established all the mobile platforms on which Be-Life is going to be launched.
  • The second milestone we have established can be split into 2 stages: analysis and planning. Our team took this opportunity to transform our strategy into an actual project based on sustainable functional requirements, and prepare a clear roadmap on which each milestone gets clarified and divided into a multitude of smaller steps. In this context, even if each step seems insignificant at first sight, all of them are actually crucial if seen in a bigger picture.
  • While the first 2 milestones are already completed, you might be curious about the stage we are working on right now. For this reason, I am happy to announce that we are currently putting this entire strategy at work, by developing the entire design of the application. In the end, the Breezecoin team truly wants you to have a great experience on Be-Life from all points of view!
  • In conclusion, the development of our mobile application still has a long way to go but will finish with the official launch of the mobile application that will help you improve the way you live right from your smartphone



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