ECOWATT: Is A Socially Edge Environmentally Friendly Power Organization That Intends To Upset The Environmentally Friendly Power Energy Market:

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The goal of the EcoWatt platform is to create the first self-sustaining community driven renewable energy owner/developer in the world. Being driven by the community will allow the EcoWatt team to make decisions that value social and ecological impact higher than traditional shareholder demands. The EcoWatt team is uniquely suited to achieve this mission. EcoWatt combines renewable energy professionals, with Blockchain experts and social impact entrepreneurs. Individually and as a team, they have built large-scale wind and solar plants in several European countries in the last 20 years. By leveraging the blockchain, EcoWatt enables investors, communities, and individuals to participate in renewable energy projects and facilitates a decentralized marketplace for renewable energy assets.

The energy sector is a clear example of application with very promising potential benefits from the implementation of blockchain technology; many actors involved, intermediaries, and transactions — both physical and digital. Blockchain technology offers incomparable advantages in terms of security, traceability and confidence/transparency among the network participants. It is a disruptive tool that offers a path to complete liberalization and decentralization of energy markets.

What is Ecowatt about ?

EcoWatt is a socially minded next generation renewable energy company that aims to disrupt the green energy market by creating the first easily accessible community driven renewable energy company dedicated to providing clean green energy to the world. EcoWatt is setting up a renewable energy platform and issuing the EcoWatt Token, this makes it possible for the community to access electricity markets in the EU, invest in renewable energy assets, and create the infrastructure necessary for peer-to-peer trading of energy.

The EcoWatt Token is a finite supply asset, that holds the tokenized beneficiary rights of an equity share in a growing physical renewable energy portfolio. In a nutshell EcoWatt offers an asset backed stable coin that increases in value while offering security, liquidity utility and social impact. Tokenomics are simple. 1 billion Tokens are mined by building a 1 billion Watt Power (Wp) physical asset portfolio. This ​means that 1 Token equals 1 Watt of renewable power connected to the grid.

On top of the asset backing and benefit of a revenue share, the Token will unlock additional utility as the power plant portfolio grows larger and earns more income.

Mission of EcoWatt

The objective of the EcoWatt stage is to make the main self-supporting local area driven sustainable power proprietor/engineer on the planet. Being driven by the local area will permit the EcoWatt group to settle on choices that worth social and environmental effects higher than conventional investor requests.

EcoWatt consolidates environmentally friendly power experts, with Blockchain specialists and social effect business people. Separately and collectively, they have fabricated enormous scope wind and sunlight-based plants in a few European nations over the most recent 20 years. By utilizing the blockchain, EcoWatt empowers financial backers, networks, and people to take an interest in sustainable power projects and works with a decentralized commercial center for environmentally friendly power resources.

Prerequisite to get understand EcoWatt Token

  • Blockchain — It is a form of recording transactions made in cryptocurrency through computers that are linked. All this means that there is no need for any central server or any entity we trust (e.g. central bank, notaries, banks).
  • Cryptocurrency — The crypto is a verified transaction platform that is done via digital currency which is maintained by another distribution system as an outlet for personal wealth.
  • DeFI- Also know as decentralized finance creates new opportunities, circumventing challenges faced in the financial industry.
  • NFT — Non-fungible tokens are digital assets that are representative of real-life objects like arts, music e.t.c. The most beautiful aspect of NFTs is that they are cannot be mutilated, meaning they are one of a kind.

What is EcoWatt Token?


Stock mining proof

- 1 billion Tokens mined by acquiring renewable energy assets
- 1 mined token equals 1 Watt of Installed Renewable energy asset Power.

Asset-Backed Security

- Valuable store of value backed by real-world income-generating assets.
- Earnings from Hodl & Staking rewards backed by real-world income-generating assets.
- Liquidity
- Token Guarantee unlocks credit card payment features
- Token guarantee allows access to cheap loans


- Exclusive access to community discounts
- Exclusive access to future projects
- Exclusive vote on social impact projects

Bragging rights Impact
- 750,000 Tons of CO2 will be saved annually by renewable assets.
- 2 million trees will be planted every year.


*An allotment of less than EUR 100.000 is possible to fewer than 150 non-qualified investors per EU Member State according to the EU Prospectus Directive.

The EcoWatt Token will be offered via the Tokeny powered EcoWatt platform and will be later available at selected exchanges. Token mining requires a one-to-one ratio of 1 Token being backed by 1 Watt of Power. In order to achieve this, EcoWatt has arranged two funding rounds before transitioning into a public access liquidity pool for community members to purchase discounted Token claims.

A total of not more than tokens will be mined and released onto the Ethereum block-chain via the Polygon (Matic) Network as ERC20 T-Rex tokens.


● Token Name: EcoWatt (ECW)

● Total Supply: ECW

● Block-chain: Ethereum via the Polygon (Matic) Network


• Founders: 7%

• Advisers 3%

• Company, Team 10%

Community Mining Token

• Private Sale I & II 10% (4,5% + 5,5%)

• Mining Pool: 70%


PRIVATE SALE I: CLOSED (Fully Subscribed)

● Minimum Buying Amount: 125.000 EUR, sophisticated investors only*

● Token allocation: 45.000.000 ECW @ €0,05 per

● ECW Lockup period: 6 to 12 months

PRIVATE SALE II: 15/05/2021–15/06/2021

● Minimum Buying Amount: 125.000 EUR, sophisticated investors only*

● Cryptocurrencies accepted: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH)

● Token issue: 55.000.000 ECW @ €0,10 per ECW

● Lockup period: 6 to 12 months


● Open ended until 700.000.000 Tokens mined.

● Minimum buying amount: 100 EUR

● Token issue: 700.000.000 ECW @ €0,30+ per ECW

● No vesting period / no lockup

EcoWatt token buyers will have to undergo the KYC procedure. Moreover, certain restrictions will apply for participants from various countries.

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