Texochat is Built for Crypto Users to Make Communication Easier.

Main Features of Texochat

1. Spam Policy

Feature that allows users to have full control over their account (Read Texochat Feature Doc)

2. Crypto Wallet

Send, Receive, Store, and Transact crypto with one click.

3. Safe And Secure

2FA, KYC and Fingerprint are used to secure wallet and account.

4. Airdrop and Reward

Any user can start airdrop and admin can send rewards to their member

5. TXO Token

Use TXO to send crypto, TIP user, and Reward user in APP

Features and Benefits

Texochat has some amazing features that make it unique amongst all. Some of the features and benefits are as below:

VPN Integration:

Texochat has given a perfect solution to those who can’t access to an existing application like Telegram or Discord because of the ban. We at Texochat are providing inbuilt VPN integration service. This built-in feature was added because of the fact that China and Russia have a Ban on Telegram. By having our APP users don’t need to download any extra VPN. User can enjoy the usage of an app without any proxy of an external VPN application. This is one of the major features that many of the crypto users were looking for and Texochat has provided this feature in its app.



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