Sonar Network: A Comprehensive Suite of Cryptanalysis Tools!

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6 min readJul 31, 2021

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About Sonar :

SONAR is the next-generation, dynamic platform that combines various features and tools found on different sites and platforms, needed for tracking, analyzing and trading of crypto, in one place called the SONAR’s Ecosystem. SONAR platform is efficient, transparent and highly secure and even has the ability to detect scams in the crypto sphere relating to trading, all in a bid to help traders earn more, minimize trading risks, save more time and boost confidence.

The SONAR platform prioritizes user-friendliness and provides an easily customizable interface that fits any screen or device. Hence, with all these offerings, they can achieve their aim of accelerating the crypto market and ensuring a better digital economy.


Sonar network is a blockchain-based project developed to offer reliable, advanced, and comprehensive cryptocurrency analysis tools to enable users to make an economic decision based on accurate information obtained from the platform. Sonar Network will also make crypto traders maximize profit by providing them with advanced trading tools to aid their trading decisions.


To offer compressive and advanced cryptocurrency analysis tools for investors of all levels that will assist traders in maximizing their profits potential while also reducing their trading risks.

The crypto industry is developing and this cannot be stopped. More and more new innovative crypto platforms are entering the market and each of them is trying to bring more new, better features and capabilities to the crypto community. Crypto monitoring platforms are especially noteworthy. The fact is that there are not many crypto platforms on the market that could provide users with complete monitoring information of all cryptography, and this is very important for the entire crypto community and the development of the crypto industry. Indeed, how much better it would be if we had access to a platform on which there would be maximum monitoring functionality that allows everyone to easily, quickly, and simply find out comprehensive information about a particular cryptocurrency and very quickly make the right decision about buying or selling cryptocurrency.

Features Of Sonar :

Sonar is a platform aimed at analyzing and tracking crypto on the BSC and ETH networks with ease. In Sonar, users can customize their dashboard, according to the information they need, this way users only get information that is important to them. But that’s not all, there are several other features of Sonar:

  • Cryptocurrency price analysis: Sonar allows users to access cryptocurrency price information from major CEX/DEXs. It also provides price charts and order book information which will be very helpful for crypto users.
  • Social Analysis: Twitter and Reddit are both the most profound platforms for obtaining trending and relevant cryptocurrency information. After all, the entire bitcoin Sagar gained traction and momentum on Reddit. Sonar Network has cleverly built an artificial intelligent aggregation tool that helps obtain information from the aforementioned social media sources. Social Analytics also helps Traders identify trending and social influencers’ facilitated projects. It also aids in converting qualitative market sentiment information into quantitative scores.
  • Contract Verification and Audits: Visible grade certification reviews on the Sonar platform; assessment of the security quality of contracts by detecting risks (locked liquidity, wallet holder balance, contract ownership status, transfer functions, token trading, etc.).
  • Trade notifications: Customizable conditional notification events for if/then functions, including price ranges, DEX/CEX listings, asset-related news releases, and blockchain integrity issues (quick credit detection, DEX/CEX hacks); trading signals (in development).
  • Easy interface: Sonar allows users to easily access crypto tracking platforms. Even those who are new to the crypto market can easily navigate.
  • Intuitive Interface: Developers designed Sonar with an intuitive and user-friendly interface so that users can navigate more easily, even for those who are new to the crypto market.
  • Time Efficiency: By using Sonar, users can save time searching for the information they need. They no longer need to search on the telegram channel, on Twitter, or other social media platforms, everything is already provided on Sonar.
  • Sonar Wallet: Users can securely store their tokens in the non-custodial wallet provided by Sonar.
  • Early Investment Opportunity Notification: A feature that will notify users to become early investors in crypto projects.
  • Trade Execution: Users can directly execute trades from Sonar with built-in AMM functionality and advanced trading functionality.


The PING token holders approach the high-level following highlights and exploit Sonar’s exceptional analytics platform.

Tier 0

  • Access to basic features

Tier 1

  • Remove advertising banners
  • Token events tracking
  • Custom token dashboard
  • Portfolio auto-tracking

Tier 2

  • Advanced events tracking
  • Advanced notifications
  • Plot trades on the chart
  • many more

To guarantee an extra wellbeing system against negative value activity, Sonar will give planned and determined consumes at explicit development periods of the platform. Thusly, the Sonar group likewise means building the worth of the Sonar token through a deflationary system.


The essential token for the Sonar platform will be $PING, a utility token local to the Binance smart Chain network, which will work under the BEP-20 protocol. The token will serve to give strength to the platform and give awards to the most dynamic clients while keeping up with consistent development and improvement of the Sonar platform.

Token name: SONAR

Symbol: PING

Network: Binance Smart Chain

Token protocol: BEP-20

Token type: Utility

Total supply: 4,000,000,000


Roadmap :

Sonar Core Team:

Conclusion :

In my opinion, Sonar is something new in the crypto world. I must say that we should join this revolutionary project with various features and solutions provided by this project. This is a user-friendly platform that increases profitability and is easy to use even for non-technical users. So it is hoped that there will be more people who can feel the benefits of crypto.








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