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We follow our social media personality, favorite artist, celebrity, tattoo artist, photographer to see all the awesome they are doing and creating, rather than just following them you can just own a piece of their creation. With the Social NFT marketplace, you can buy digital items from your favorite social media page. Buy your own digital items as Non Fungible token also known as NFT’s.


Non fungible tokens are one-of-a-kind asset that is virtually used online and is managed in a digital ledger. The NFT are always attached to a distinct value with a proof of authenticity which makes it difficult for easily and endlessly duplications. This unique quality is due to the fact that NFT is the best on decentralized digital platforms based on blockchain technology and every single transaction on a blockchain platform are stored and well arranged in digital ledger which records every NFT transaction to confirm to verify transactions and avoid third party intervention.

However, holders of NFT have been facing some challenges which have been reducing their rate of making Profits. Some of the challenges faced by holders of NFT include

• Insufficient liquidity in the NFT market at large

• Staking and minting of NFT is not possible.

• Most NFT don’t have a standard use cases.

• Unavailability of cross chain transactions.

The above are serious challenges faced by NFT holders and this has really been affecting the growth rate of NFT.

In this article today, I will be talking about a platform that has effectively and seriously studied these problems and have created solutions to the existing problems faced by NFT holders.

What is Social NFT Market?

SOCIAL NFT Marketplace is a marketplace for social media users to create NFT (non-Fungible token) goods or images and sell them on the platform. SOCIAL NFT Marketplace users can add one or more items in the marketplace for sale. Users who wish to purchase on the marketplace must also be registered with the SOCIAL NFT Marketplace.

What are the features that Social NFT has?

  1. Decentralized and disallowed — The SOCIAL NFT Framework is designed to optimize the benefits (and minimize the risks) of owning and trading digital assets. Our core technology relies heavily on blockchain, automated smart contracts.
  2. Blockchain Protocol — SOCIAL uses the blockchain and the Binance protocol, with a native token called SNFT. This will share the security advantages of the entire Binance network, avoiding possible consensus attacks.
  3. Lower Exposure Fees — There will be some applicable fees such as application usage fees for trade execution, NFT creation and listing, NFT auctions, and network fees for SNFT transfers will apply.
  4. On-Chain Management Governance — NFT Marketplace SOCIAL governance enables stakeholders to seamlessly modify underlying protocols and change critical framework parameters to meet changing environmental and societal needs
  5. Client Partnership — SOCIAL NFT Marketplace provides a UNIQUE platform for users who wish to bring their digital products to the NFT marketplace where they can sell their own images or goods in a marketplace with an established business model.
  6. Incentives and Rewards — User Base Incentives and Rewards — Community is almost everything, and the SOCIAL NFT Marketplace will focus entirely on rewarding early adopters for their valuable contributions through various incentive and reward schemes designed to support successful creators, sellers and buyers. In addition to incentives for use, the SOCIAL NFT Marketplace uses a Proof of Stake model that can offer its own rewards for being a network validator.


  1. Every buy, sell and creator of NFT has to create an account with the platform before they can utilize it full functions.
  2. Every transaction is executed with the SNFT token or BNB.
  3. Celebrity, you tubers and various influencers can always sell their stuffs on the marketplace.
  4. Users will be allowed to create their personal decentralized wallet on the platform to manage assets.


SOCIAL NFT MARKET should be adopted by sellers and buyer of NFTs, investors and NFT holders for the following features it offers:

  1. BLOCKCHAIN TECHOLOGY STANDARD: the social NFTs marketplace as developed it system on a blockchain technology which helps to make every part of the transactions on the system very easy and secure.
  2. BINANCE SMART CHAIN: the project is build on a binance smart chain for the fact that the chain gives room for scalability, fast and secure transactions. On the binance smart chain there is also a high standard level of security.
  3. MINIMAL TRANSACTION FEES: on the social NFTs market there are fees paid for different activities and transaction in the marketplace. Some of the activities include: trading, NFTs listing, creation and auctions. All this activities requires very little fees and are paid with the SNFT token and BNB.
  4. GOVERNANCE: the governance of the ecosystem is always in the decision of users of the platform; they are having the opportunity to modify basic arrangements and protocols to fit in their style of operation.
  5. UNIQUE PARTNERSHIP: The project gives room to users and institutions with a digital product to display them on the social marketplace for sale. The platform allows a valid partnership with anyone who is ready to display his/her product.
  6. INCREDIBLE BONUSES FOR USERS: the platform as been designed in such a way that it rewards every user with one or two contributions on the platform. It also has a way of rewarding every buyers, sellers and NFTs creators on the platform.


Token Name: SOCIAL NFT

Ticker: SNFT

Network: Binance Smart Chain (BEP-721)


  1. The token is the main token for paying for transactions on the platform.
  2. It is used for voting by users on the platform
  3. The main exchangeable token for trading on the ecosystem is SNFT.
  4. Rewards are paid with SNFTs on the platform


the Project has a clear and achievable roadmap. The team will achieve all the goals at the appointed time.


The project has employed experienced, dedicated and hardworking team members. They have also promised a constant support and improvement.


Social NFT marketplace is an incredible project with distinct features especially for sellers, buyers and holders of NFTs. I believe the team will achieve all it Roadmap and provide users with a profit oriented and secure ecosystem. Thanks to the founder for such a distinct idea. This project will really help buying and selling of NFTs. It will also help incur more profits.





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