SANTACOIN; Memecoins That Make Money While You Sleep

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2021 is a golden year for meme tokens and coins, both in value and variety. Of course the question arises in your mind why meme coin or meme token became popular?

It came after the success of Dogecoin, and with the general increase in acceptance of crypto, the crypto asset trading market began to be flooded with coins and tokens inspired by other memes. Their popularity is largely due to posts made by social media influencers and celebrities.

What is SantaCoin?

Santa Coin is a memecoin that makes you money while you sleep. Thanks to its structure, SANTA differs substantially from other meme coins. You earn rewards in BUSD as long as you hold SANTA.

  • Holder reward — 8%
  • Liquidity Fee — 2%
  • Buy Back + Burn — 3%
  • Marketing Wallet — 1%

Holder rewards are paid in BUSD, not in Santa Coins! This is a big difference! The longer you hold, the more BUSD you earn.

Why is the payout in BUSD, not in SANTA?

This is a massive advantage of SANTA compared to other Meme Coins. On the other hand, SANTA — like every Cryptocurrency on the market — might fluctuate in value a lot. In contrast, BUSD is very stable. Almost 1:1 to the actual USD. So you get a kind of interest rate on your investment (as long as you hold it), which is not exposed to the risk of the SANTA itself. Your investment pays for itself over time.

Core Features

Anti-Whale System

  • Our contract counts with a simple, straightforward whale discouragement system: No sale amounts higher than 0.125% of the total supply are possible at once.

Multiple BuyBacks

  • 3% of every buy and sell transaction is automatically added to Buy-Back Reserve. The tokens collected are securely locked and stored in the Santa Coin contract.

Liquidity Pool

  • 2% of every transaction is converted into liquidity for PancakeSwap. Our Smart contract deposits 2% from every buy/sell transaction as $Santa Coin and $BNB into a liquidity pool.

BUSD Reflection

  • Earn automatic Binance pegged BUSD rewards by holding your $Santa Coin — 8% of every buy and sell transaction is automatically redistributed to all token holders.


TOTAL SUPPLY1,000,000,000,000,000TOTAL BURN520,353,388,146,943Team & Marketing Token84,000,000,000,000PRESALE PRICE1 BNB = 975,000,000,000INITIAL MARKETCAP$240K


How to buy Santa on metamask?

  1. Make sure you have “BNB Smart Chain Coins” in your Wallet. Otherwise, convert first “BNB” to “BNB Smart Chain Coins” in your Wallet. (use moon pay, Coinbase etc. if you don’t have any) or buy first, i.e. XLM and convert it to BNB and send these to your Wallet.
  2. Go to PancakeSwap (select in the options of MetaMask the “browser” ) (note some devices won’t allow you to access this site, you can use your computer to make this easier)
  3. Click in the upper right corner on “connect wallet”.
  4. Ensure that the “Binance Smart chain Mainnet” at the top of the screens is enabled. You will see the text for it.
  5. Set your slippage 17% (click on the gear icon for this) -> You will be charged a 14% buyers fee that is broken down below: 8% Rewards to Holders 3% Buy Back + Burn 2% Liquidity Fees 1% Marketing Walle
  6. Type in the first field the amount of BNB you want to swap
  7. Select in the second field “SANTA” as the target currency Note if you do not find SANTA, you need to add the contract ID of SANTA manually into it and name it “SANTA”, This is 0x4F1A6FC6A7B65Dc7ebC4EB692Dc3641bE997c2F2 Now it should find it and display in the second field.
  8. Hit the button to swap it, confirm on the next screen until it is approved.
  9. Check the website about the success of your buy. Generally, at the end of this process, the bscscan-link to your trade will be shown for a few seconds within your Wallet. Click on it.

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