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What is Santa Coin ($SANTA)?

SANTA Coin is the only meme that has real utility. It was created on top of the Cardano blockchain, which makes it secure and robust to market volatility. Our blockchain is accessible to everyone through its unique code, based on block templates.

Santacoin, a cryptocurrency with a social mission of spreading cheer throughout the Blockchain community. The project is inspired by the Christmas spirit of giving, and encourages its users to be caring, compassionate and generous towards each other.

Santa coin incentivizes its holders in Evergrow dollar (BUSD), a stable cryptocurrency pegged one-to-one with the USD.

The aim of SANTA Coin is to introduce blockchain to people in an approachable manner. Blockchain is complex and therefore often hard to explain without sounding like you’re speaking another language.

$ SANTA simplifies complicated things. And this allows us to engage more people, even those who are too busy to deal with the subject matter before now!

How it Works

Let’s get right to the part you are wondering about: how can I earn BUSD through holding SANTA? The flow is pretty simple. If you are familiar with the Binance Pegged BNB, then you are most likely also familiar with the idea of a “reflection token” or “stable coin”. Santa Coin is essentially how it is named.

It is a reflection token. Yet, unlike others who have come before it, Santa Coin provides more than being simply a reflection value of Bitcoin. A reflection value does not allow for any additional benefits within the program as promised by Santa Coin (outlined below).

As long as you hold SANTA, you will earn an amount of BUSD proportional to the percentage of total BUSD supply that SANTA holders hold. This means that if 10% of SANTA in circulation is held by people, then 10% of total BUSD supply will be also earned by all these holders.

Why Use Santa Coin

Anti-Whale System

This is a simple and straightforward whale discouragement system. Due to our contract structure, no sale amounts higher than 0.125% of the total supply at once are possible. So even if you decide to buy 94.443% of the supply right away, you’ll still be left with 1.957%.

Multiple BuyBacks

Santa Coin is a digital currency and payment system built and managed by our fully owned and operated subsidiary, Santa Coin Limited. The main purpose of the Santa Coin is to secure Buy-Back Reserve and Guest Reserve while providing you with excellent service. Best of all — we buy your Guest Reserve back at a rate of 3%

Liquidity Pool

Santa Coin is a reward-based token that motivates users to hold SCCs, which creates proper trading environment for Pancake Swaps. When you hold Santa Coin, you are rewarded for helping market liquidity.

Technically speaking, 2% of every transaction is converted into liquidity for PancakeSwap. Our Smart contract deposits 2% from every buy/sell transaction as $Santa Coin and $BNB into a liquidity pool.

BUSD Reflection

BUSD is a Binance token pegged to the US Dollar. It’s controversial, and has seen it’s ups and downs since launch.

It doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon though — and perhaps this is because of it’s unique structure which allows holders to earn automatic BUSD rewards by holding $Santa Coin.

How can I buy SANTA on Trust wallet?

1. Check that you have “BNB Smart Chain Coins” in your Wallet; if not, convert “BNB” to “BNB Smart Chain Coins” first. (If you don’t have any, utilize MoonPay, Coinbase, etc.) or purchase first, i.e. XLM, then convert to BNB and transfer to your wallet.

2. Visit (click at the bottom of your Smartphone on “Dapps”, search for “PancakeSwap”, click on it.) (Please notice that certain devices will prevent you from accessing this site; nevertheless, you may use your computer to make things simpler.)

3. Select “connect wallet” from the top right corner.

4. Check that the “Smart chain network” option at the top of the displays is turned on. You’ll see a symbol for it.

5. Set your slippage to 17% (click the gear icon to do so) -> You’ll be charged a 14 percent buyers fee, which is divided down as follows: Holders will get an 8% bonus. Buyback of 3% plus burn Liquidity Fees are 2%. 1 percent Walle Marketing

6. Enter the quantity of BNB you wish to trade in the first field.

7. Choose “SANTA” as the target currency in the second field. If you can’t locate SANTA, manually enter the contract ID and call it “SANTA.” The contract ID is 0x4F1A6FC6A7B65Dc7ebC4EB692Dc3641bE997c2F2. It should now be able to locate it and show it in the second field.

8. To switch it, press the button, then confirm on the following screen till it is accepted.

9. Check the website to see whether your purchase was successful. Generally, the bscscan-link to your transaction will appear in your Wallet for a few seconds at the completion of this procedure. Select it by clicking on it.

Santa Coin — Tokenomics



You don’t have to worry about the security of your money. All funds are deposited in smart contracts. Custodians can’t access them even if they want to, and they don’t want to because there’s no incentive for them. The system serves you completely.

And Santa Coin is much more than just secure storage. With every transaction, 2% of the crypto volume/value is converted into $Santa Coin (you can store it or convert back to fiat currency at any time).

This allows you complete liquidity in crypto markets with possible gains in value of both currencies.

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