SafeAtom Protocol.

About SafeAtom Protocol

The SafeAtom Protocol is a BEP-20 cryptocurrency on Binance Smart Chain with Community Driven Static Rewards, Community Driven Automated LP generation (don’t mix up with Automatic LP), Burn & full Governance. Initial transaction fee — 14%, of which Community Driven Static Rewards — 7% Automatic LP Generation — 7%.


1. Community Driven Static Rewards or CDSR

Initial CDSR — 7%

2. Supremacy of Community Driven Automatic LP Generation (CDALP) above Automatic Liquidity Pool (LP)

Automatic Liquidity Pool (LP) means that a smart contract takes a part of the tokens received from the commission paid by buyers and sellers, changing the part in BNB in equal proportions & adds them to liquidity, forming an airbag for all holders and a protective mechanism from trading bots/arbitrage traders. The same SafeMoon’s & each subsequent based on it’s project firm function. Undoubtedly it’s an excellent function, but also it has a serious flaw, which not only distributes not all of declared 10% to holders and to liquidity, but also negatively affects the token’s price growth. 2 diagrams below clearly shows the SafeMoon’s mechanism with its problems & the main SafeAtom mechanism.




Initial Supply — 1,000,000,000,000,000 SAFEATOM

  • 30%: PancakeSwap Locked Liquidity Pool
  • 12.5%: Marketing
  • 12.5%: On Development Purposes
  • 5%: Airdrop


The main SAFEATOM idea — creating of a completely decentralized platform at the Binance Smart Chain with its own Decentralized Exchange and Launch App for new crypto assets. Our platform will let You fully trade, stake and farm crypto assets, conduct Initial Future Offerings (IFO) & Initial Token Sales, create and lock tokens. We’re going to implement all of these by the end of 2021.


SafeAtom Protocol Initialized

  • Bounty Campaign launch
  • launch
  • First voting at Safe
  • Apply for Trust Wallet
  • Apply for Coin Gecko
  • Apply for CoinMarket Cap
  • Verified Audit
  • SafeAtomSwap final tests
  • SafeAtomSwap launch at
  • Listing on other exchanges
  • SafeAtom Launch App final tests
  • SafeAtom Token Locker final tests
  • SafeAtom launch on Polygon Matic Network
  • SafeAtom launch on Polygon Matic Network
  • Marketing Campaign
  • SafeAtom LaunchApp and Token Minter launch on BSC and Polygon Matic Network

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