SafeAtom Protocol.


About SafeAtom Protocol


1. Community Driven Static Rewards or CDSR

Initial CDSR — 7%

2. Supremacy of Community Driven Automatic LP Generation (CDALP) above Automatic Liquidity Pool (LP)

As you can see on the diagram, due to the price volatility of the crypto market, the sold part of the tokens cannot be returned back to liquidity, that not increasing liquidity, but reducing it and thereby lowering the value of the asset.

Community Driven Automatic LP Generation (CDALP) is the trademark of SAFEATOM. Unlike Automatic LP, BNB stuck in a contract due to price fluctuations in the market will be marked $ added to liquidity in the next transaction. The SAFEATOM community of holders has the right to set % of the CDALP commission in each transaction by voting at on a monthly basis. The percentage will change on the last day of each month.

Initial CDALP — 7%

3. Community Driven Manual Burn or CDMB

The deflationary mechanism of CDMB allows SAFEATOM holders set the frequency and amount of monthly burned tokens by voting.

4. Decentralized Token Launch App and Exchange, Token Locker, Token Minter

5. Governance

Each SAFEATOM holder have the opportunity to take part directly in the development of the project, make decisions about the size of commissions for each operation, burning tokens, submitting applications for listing on another exchanges & distributing funds for SafeAtom Protocol marketing. Making decisions by voting will be available to all SAFEATOM holders. The number of available votes for participant is equal to the number of SAFEATOM tokens and liquidity tokens, according to the percentage of the total token’s number in circulation.


Initial Supply — 1,000,000,000,000,000 SAFEATOM

. 40%: DxSale Presale

  • 30%: PancakeSwap Locked Liquidity Pool
  • 12.5%: Marketing
  • 12.5%: On Development Purposes
  • 5%: Airdrop



  • Website Launch
  • Bounty Campaign launch
  • launch
  • First voting at Safe
  • Apply for Trust Wallet
  • Apply for Coin Gecko
  • Apply for CoinMarket Cap

Initial Push

  • BSCscan verification
  • Verified Audit
  • SafeAtomSwap final tests
  • SafeAtomSwap launch at
  • Listing on other exchanges
  • SafeAtom Launch App final tests

To the Moon!

  • SafeAtom Token Minter final tests
  • SafeAtom Token Locker final tests
  • SafeAtom launch on Polygon Matic Network
  • SafeAtom launch on Polygon Matic Network
  • Marketing Campaign
  • SafeAtom LaunchApp and Token Minter launch on BSC and Polygon Matic Network

Useful links to the project:


Bitcointalk Username: arif90900

Telegram Username: @arif90900

Bitcointalk url:;u=2860264

BSC Wallet Address: 0x6cec29a5668d5ecfa829b766fb62b2b53a8a6b94



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