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4 min readJul 17, 2021


It’s undeniably true that digital currency and the blockchain advancement have been developing quickly they’re coming in 2009. From that point forward a great deal of crypto developments has full of feeling a ton of enterprises emphatically. The innovation has truly drawn in those that been effectively or close observing it’s anything but a ton of financial backers across the world.
The crypto industry still developing and a great deal is still to be accomplished with more openness. Numerous good crypto projects are not progressing nicely or even dead because of inappropriate exposure or publicity. This is the motivation behind why the Push community is here to add an extraordinary to the crypto community to upgrade huge appropriation with its novel features.

About Push Community:

The influence of social media and proper marketing in the success of crypto projects cannot be ignored. To get the most out of social media, the right methods must be used to encourage ideas. That’s where Push Community comes in handy; Push Community is a 100% community based token that seeks to increase the success rate of new crypto projects by offering unmatched 100% organic social media publicity. The main goal of Push Community is to ensure that crypto projects leverage the power of social media related to popularity and socialization to achieve the threshold requirements for project start-up.

Most importantly, the Push Community give audient to any type of crypto project with discrimination. In such a manner, it has set up that web-based media or social media can help new crypto projects acquire a foothold adequately fat. For the Push community to accomplish this, they develop the pusher or Shiller mindset among its individuals with the goal that they can help other crypto projects stand as it to be. Pusher Community involves individuals who have elite web-based media promoting capacities, who can utilize their abilities to draw in and catch the public’s eye. Pushers/shillers are web-based media influencers dependent on the push Community, who can cause an impact on a wide exhibit of online media platforms which include the following: Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, Instagram,
TikTok, Reddit and so on.
The Push Community is a community of pushers/shillers. Push Community (PCOM) tokens are the ticket for getting to the unrivalled publicizing administrations of Push Community pushers/shillers for the given crypto project. When the PCOM token is bought, Push Community pays the best pushers/shillers to promote or push the crypto project on all socials and guarantees that the undertaking’s objective is reached.

About the Push community token (PCOM):

PCOM is a deflationary token based on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). This project is 100% community driven, and ownership is abandoned. Each time a transaction is successfully completed:

1% — tax fee goes to a specific wallet that will be used for weekly giveaways to the top 10 pushers/shillers
2% — locked in LP
2% — distributed to holders

Token Details:

CONTRACT ADDRESS: 0x07ecbe61F8c41A9a724e96781957e236f9A480AD
TOKEN NAME: Community Push


100%: Trillion in total supply
10%: private sale
20%: IDO
5%: Development Team
40%: burn out in 4 weeks
20%: in LP
5%: Marketing and Community Listing


How to Buy PCOM token?

1- Connect your wallet to Metamask

2- Deposit BNB into your Wallet

3- Go to pancakeswap here: “PancakeSwap Exchange” (we use V1 of PancakeSwap Liquidity)

4- Select a currency and enter the PCOM contract address into the search field: 0x07ecbe61F8c41A9a724e96781957e236f9A480AD

5- Click the cogwheel and set the slippage to 11%

6- Set the amount you want to purchase and press the exchange swap button.

7- Confirm the transaction


Push Community is a 100% community-driven project designed to facilitate the success rate of new crypto projects. Push Community offers unparalleled social media publicity so that new crypto-related projects can gain traction in the shortest time possible. To maximize the use of social media to promote a crypto project, the promoters must use the right method; otherwise, their efforts will be in vain. And that’s exactly why Push Community is introduced.

For more information, Please visit the link below:

Website: https://pcom.group
Whitepaper: https://pcom.group/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/Push-Community.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/pushcommunity
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Push-Community-PCOM-112564677732015
Twitter: https://twitter.com/PushCommunity1

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