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Md Arif
5 min readJun 11, 2021

Why are new crypts constantly being released? Is it possible that the old tokens are not satisfied with something. Apparently because there are always shortcomings in the previous ones. The Origin token wants to show that its coin will be the best on the market and makes solid arguments. The start of sales starts in two weeks, on June 4. And anyone can buy a coin at a low price. And if the cryptocurrency goes to stock exchanges, then its price will rise significantly. This is a big plus, being the first to buy something new.

What is the new Origin token?

The token runs on the Binance blockchain. Today one of the most popular blockchains for creating new tokens. This is because it is mega fast and has the lowest transaction fees. It surpasses the Ethereum Network in some way, and it may overtake it over time. The Origin token already has its own contract address on bscsan — 0x00089e7d29c29e9b289a02f68f0fdb45d33066f0. Follow the link and study how many holders the coin has, the list of the rich, transactions, and any other actions. Everything is transparent, any information is tracked on the blockchain. These are its advantages, from the banking system, where everything is hidden from the eyes of people.


Orijin Finance, enables users to trade, access liquidity pools, and yield farms across multiple blockchains — Matic, Binance Smart Chain, and Ethereum. Orijin makes it easy for anyone to access cross-chain network protocols from one simple user interface and dashboard. We also make it easy for you to visualise AMM LP’s, yield farms, and other positions to give you a summary of your current performance. Orijin will also have a cross-chain IDO token launchpad platform which will enable upcoming innovative projects to access investors.

Orijin Finance is a token and cross-chain trading platform powered by Defi cross-chain. Pre-sale will start soon, have time to buy coins at the best prices. Provide liquidity through Binance Chain, Ethereum, and Solana. Access leading ILO cross-chain token projects from a single platform. We are very proud to offer our best-in-class user interface (UI) that makes it easy to deploy capital cross-chaining.

We are developing a cross-chain Defi management dashboard. This is Orijin.

  • Endless Possibilities : Capture yield farming gains and provide liquidity across Binance Chain, Matic Ethereum and Solana.
  • ILO LaunchPad : Access top cross-chain ILO token projects from one platform. Access ILO projects from Matic, BSC, Ethereum and Solana.
  • Super Clean Interface : We are extremely proud to offer our best-in class user interface (UI) to make it easy to deploy capital cross-chain.
  • Focus on Farmers : All the key tools and analytics you need to maximise yield — no more manual labour to track positions.

ORIJIN Token Functions:

The ORIJIN token ensures transparent incentives between users, token holders and the team. We have ensured that the ORIJIN token has a strong fundamental value which will build value over time for investors. Just hold the ORIJIN token in your wallet and get a prize bet from every transaction that occurs in our smart contract.

Buyback, Burn & Staking:

  1. Every month we will use 50% of all IDO token launch revenue to buy back ORIJIN tokens from the public market and burn thereby reducing the supply permanently. So far, more than 70% of the supply has been burned -> Verify here 🔥
  2. ORIJIN will charge a fee for services on the Orijin Financial Dashboard with 90% of the fee going to shareholders and 10% for treasury.

ORIJIN Tokenomic:

Below you will learn more about the supply of ORIJIN tokens and tokenomics, including any locking;

  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000
  • Burn: 70% of Total Supply is burned at the start -> See Burning Tx
  • Liquidity Fee: 5% — Liquidity fee is activated when sales are activated at Pancakeswap. This is then paired with BNB and added to our locked LP token to improve trading conditions.
  • Transaction Tax Fee: 4% — Each transaction
  • Marketing Fee: 1% — Treasury has a wallet to support ongoing marketing efforts as we expand Orijin Finance’s operations globally.
  • Developer / Team (Locked): 1.3% will be allocated to the team, and locked for 3 months with the team. Verify finance here

Place bets and earn with Origin. Earn 5% of all transaction fees and place bets on our platform to generate income. We call it double wages! We charge 4% transaction tax, which is then allocated to holders and members. Rewards are distributed proportionally. When a trader sells Orijin tokens, we tax the transaction at a rate of 5%, which is then used to buy BNB on the market and paired with Orijin tokens to create additional liquidity, thereby ensuring a stable price cap for each transaction.

Token functionality

The ORIJIN token provides transparent incentives between users, token holders and the team. We have made sure that the ORIJIN coin has a strong fundamental value that will add value to investors over time. Just store ORIJIN tokens in your wallet and receive staking rewards from every transaction that occurs under our smart contract.

Development team

Orijin Finance has only competent and professional programmers in its team. To verify this, you can go to their official website. And see how it is done professionally and modernly. The site is the face of the company, and you should always pay attention to it. If the site has complex elements, beautiful graphics, mobile adaptability, then the team is definitely interested in promoting its product. Which will hit the market in the coming weeks.

Visite For More Information

Website : https://orijinfinance.com

White Paper : https://orijinfinance.gitbook.io/welcome-to-orijin-finance

Twitter : https://twitter.com/OrijinFinance

Telegram Group : https://twitter.com/OrijinFinance

Telegram Bounty : https://t.me/orijinbounty


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