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NAFTY is the next-generation token for the adult industry, aimed to both empower content creators and reward content consumers across the Nafty Network — a social 360° adult-entertainment ecosystem for the Blockchain age. The adult industry is a massive USD $97 Billion industry, where most of this amount is channeled to large licensing and production companies acting as “middlemen” rather than to content creators, which leads to content consumers having to pay higher fees to gain access to their favorite content. NAFTY, as a socialized re-distribution DeFi protocol, helps content creators to earn much more, and content consumers to pay much less via disintermediation, as well as receive rewards from all transactions across the Nafty Network, or in other words — whenever someone (i.e. consumers of adult content) make a transaction on any one of the platforms across the Nafty Network, whether someone is watching a video or communicating directly with a content creator, every token holder on the network receives part of the transaction to his or her wallet. Content creators, amateur or professional, will benefit not only from earning higher amounts for their work, but will also be able to charge for exclusive content, where they can receive payment in Fiat or crypto, and tipped in NAFTY tokens. What makes NAFTY unique in the adult-cryptosphere is that the Nafty Network already has 3 platforms for the adult industry ready to launch in parallel to the public sale, with additional platforms already in the process of being launched.

Some Unique Feature of NAFTY

Fanclub Platform

In this section, fans can easily pay and receive contents from their favourite celebrities and influencers. This platform is a complete section with amazing features. NAFTY is providing a platform for creators to advertise themselves to the consumers. Aside this, 90% of fees generated in crypto is given to the creators, while the remaining 10% is allotted to the platform. This gives creators more rewards when compare to the traditional Adult platforms. Creators can benefit from holding their NAFTY token via the distributive feature of the token. The Fanclub platform allow creators to discuss and engage with their followers in plethora of ways, bringing them closer to each other.

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NFT Marketplace

Adult contents such as videos, sounds, GIFs and pictures will be allowed by users to upload on the NFT Marketplace. All contents will be stored on the Blockchain, creating a secure and unique impression to the owner of the contents. Porn will be kept private, since Blockchain is anonymous. Individuals will be able to post, sell, buy and collect full adult videos in a transparent, secure and decentralized platform.

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NaftyPay is meant to securely allow users to make transactions related to adult content from anywhere around the world. NaftyPay allow you to integrate a payment gateway into your platform and receive NAFTY tokens, which can be exchanged to other cryptocurencies.

  • NaftyCam
  • NaftyFarm
  • NaftySwap
  • NaftyAds
  • NaftyVids

NaftyTv content subscription

Consumers can enjoy new videos, pictures and backstage content by opting for either monthly, quarterly or yearly subscription. The NaftyTv is already live and users can already make subscription. However, when users are paying with NAFTY token, there will be a good discount. Additionally, creators will be able to earn more incomes by uploading adult contents such as live cams, generation of royalties from video sites etc. on the Binance Smart Chain.



The majority of payment means have banned the adult industry, whereas the others use this weakness to charge the creators huge fees. Nafty platform is set to cut those fees by using blockchain technology and NAFTY token. By using cryptocurrencies or NAFTY, there won’t be heck payment fees.


NAFTY token is an utility token which will power all activities of the ecosystem. It has a total supply of 100 billion NAFTY built on Binance Smart Chain. The chart below shows the token allocations.

Token protocol : Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Total Supply : 100 Billion (100,000,000,000) NAFTY

At least 80% of the token will be burnt before the launch

14% for current holders

3% will be sold to new holders (whatever’s left out will be burnts).

1% for marketing, influencers and partnerships to continue the success — 100% will be locked for 10 months and 2% will be allocated to the liquidity pool and lock for one year.


NAFTY token is the native token of Nafty ecosystem which would be used to power the ecosystem with multiple uses and payments.

Nafty ecosystem is the only platform that also provide adult contents’ consumers with the ability to use the tokens to actually buy their desired content.

Holders of Nafty can earn passive income from the transaction fees.

Nafty token will also be used for tipping the creators.

Purchase of NFTs in special collections.

PaidPaid Subscription to NaftyTV (Netflix for adults).

Advertisement in the ecosystem.

Why you should buy NAFTY

  • You will get passive rewards from transactions fees as an holder
  • You can use NAFTY token to tip creators
  • Unique NFTs on the marketplace can be purchased by NAFTY token
  • Just like Netflix and other paid video platforms, NAFTY tokens can be use to subscribe for adult contents on NaftyTv
  • NAFTY token can be use to pay for advert on the platform
  • NAFTY token is a governance token, so all holders have the right to any decision made on the platform



Nafty has a clear roadmap with impressive ecosystem .


The advent of blockchain technology has become a ground breaking for many sector which did not exclude adult industry. The adult industry take pride in being technology concious, that is why platform like Nafty created this project to transform adult industry via blockchain technology. The Nafty ecosystem which uses blockchain to proffer solutions to problems facing adult industries for fair benefits for both adults creators and consumers. With lots of benefits that are embedded in Nafty platform and it token, it important for investors to invest in it for a long lasting benefit.

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