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4 min readJun 4, 2021

Those who are into the blockchain system for a while now will agree with me that cryptocurrencies are very useful tools on the blockchain and through them, so many possibilities can be seen. The blockchain however on its own will not be that useful without other technologies integrated in it. By providing Mocktailswap finance, the team hopes to establish a new generation of blockchain users who will be able to get higher returns from their participation in it.


This platform exist on the AMM protocol and is a useful approach to solving the problems of trading and using cryptocurrencies generally. It is however a useful project for decentralised swapping and use of token for users to enjoy fast and predictable returns when they invest without being put in the dark along the way. This platform is well planned to play out good swapping activities and improving the activities of users very fast. As a Binance Smart chain platform, it is safe and can be trusted. All you need is to position your assets and get started, using your assets and getting more profits. The users will also enjoy automated services and will have high yield as they invest or contribute to the platform. You will have maximum yield and the full features of Decentralization will be enjoyed as you use this platform.


Trading is automated in this platform, it uses the automated market maker for exchanging tokens on the BSC network. This is a great advantage for users to earn and get more funds as they use the MOK token after purchasing or getting it from the MOK farm. Earning is possible and continuous in this platform with the token.

You can maximize your earnings, stake a ton and get lot of returns with great speed with a transaction fee that is very low. This will do more and help contribute to the growth of the platform and your fund too.

The current level of adoption is influence by Ethereum and there is more for the platform as a bright future is seen. Binance’s ability will be harnessed as this platform is used. It is important to note that this platform is a very standard semi-fungible Token that can help in the execution of complex contracts. Managing this token is also a good way to use the platform and enable different kinds of configurations in the mocktailswap system. The platform use different features and can stand alone as a Binance Smart Chain platform. Users will begin to enjoy low fees and grow as they partake in the system deriving so much from the investments and enjoying lower fees for all their transactions.


This platform is a big deal incorporating multi-strategy Yeild and proofing very useful for different generations of users who will come after. Lending and borrowing will be possible in this platform with maximum yield making users explore so well on the blockchain and get familiar with all that is done in it. This decentralized swap solution will go a long way to grow the blockchain and causing massive adoption in the system as so many solutions are achieved.

There has been an amazing interest in De-Fi projects from the crypto community. More decentralized applications have stood up to be counted. Yet, it’s the same old set-up; they all rinse and repeat the same services. Have we see it all in the De-Fi ecosystem or can we expect more?

How MockTail Swap is changing the status quo

From afar, MockTail Swap has the usual De-Fi products: yield farming, DEX, and yield optimizing. However, a closer assessment of the protocol’s offering points to something more.

The Sojourn into NFTs

The hype surrounding nonfungible tokens reached its peak recently and ebbed slowly. However, current events have stoked the brightly coloured flames of NFTs as interest grew massively.

Where Does MockTail Swap Come Into?

MockTail Swap is bringing the widely sought-after NFT supermarket to the BSC network. Those interested in NFTs can register their interest by trading the nonfungible tokens through the MockTail Swap platform.
There’s also the gamification of NFTs, a niche that’s growing at an incredible rate.

Wallet launch

Only a handful of projects can boast of having a personalized wallet, and MockTail Swap intends to join this select few. The AMM will, later in the year, launch its mobile wallet and browser extension, making it easier for anyone to access the platform.
Besides the convenience factor, wallet launch and browser extension create some much-needed awareness and credibility for the protocol. People tend to feel more confident about using AMMs with an array of products. So this is a good move by MockTail.


MockTail Swap still has a long way to go before realising its enormous potential. Yet, the array of planned products for the AMM gives investors something to cheer about.

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