What is LunaLand?

Mission & Vision

LunaLand (LLN) Coin

Features of LLN token

  • Hyper- Deflation: Hyper deflationary supply to increase upward price momentum. LUNALAND will burn coin supply until we reach 1 Lunar distance in coins. (400M coins) A burn rate of 99.96% from the initial pool of 1 Trillion coins reduces coin supply, resulting in upward price momentum.
  • Burn and Earn: LUNALAND is accessible to all with excellent return potential. Numerous mechanisms will reward early adopters and holders. Weekly burn cycles will burn 90% of tokens and distribute 10% of burn to holders. Regular burn cycles to reduce supply by 99.96% from 1 trillion to 400 million coins
  • Weekly Burn Cycles: LUNALAND will have weekly increasing burn cycles which will be randomized and announced 3 hours before burning.
  • Reward Holders: Controlled burns do not penalize buyers/sellers via a tax and encourage trading and liquidity while still rewarding holders.
  • Encourages Trading: Encouraging liquidity by rewarding early adopters and putting a minimum of 50% back into liquidity pools. No tax on trading to encourage liquidity, and coin rewards to holders give you the best of both worlds.
  • Low Entry Price: A supply of 1 trillion coins is intended to provide a low entry price and reward holders with unlimited upside potential.
  • Low transaction costs: The current cost of transferring $1,000,000 worth of LunaLand tokens is $0.05 (at the time of writing). In comparison, the cost of doing the same on the Ethereum network can be 1000x higher, or more, depending on congestion on the network.
  • High-speed block creation: In recent tests when distributing LunaLand tokens to our investors, we found sending large amounts of LunaLand did not take more than 8 seconds to reach the buyer. Again, using Ethereum as an example, blocks can take several minutes or sometimes up to an hour to create, depending on network congestion.






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