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Decentralized Finance popularly known as DeFi is one of the major triggers of the cryptocurrency renaissance in recent times. Decentralized Finance is a term that encapsulates financial services that are initiated on the blockchain technology. Due to its decentralized nature, these financial services do not have any form of intermediaries. DeFi has most of the elements of the conventional financial system but in its case, rather than have a central authority, what we have is a smart contract. For DeFi, there is the need for a decentralized platform for it to be fully functional. At the onset, most DeFi protocols were found on the ethereum blockchain but of recent, we’ve seen a lot of migration to other emerging blockchains with better functionalities such as scalability, interoperability and even speed. DeFi’s objective is to remove all form of intermediaries or middlemen thus giving users an absolute form of control. There are no central authorities or regulatory bodies as most protocols are carried out by a smart contract which will help to eradicate all forms of shady deals.


In simple terms, LunaLand is a smart contract powered deflationary token, which is indexed and works with leading community powered cryptocurrencies. Being a deflationary asset means that LunaLand automatically burns 1% of every transacted amount in order to control its supply by slowly creating scarcity as a hedge against market inflation,As previously mentioned.

What is LunaLand?

LunaLand (LLN) is a peer-to-peer digital currency and store of value. Like digital gold, it aims to offer protection against inflation and infinite money printing. It is the antithesis of fiat currencies with unlimited supply potential. It not only has a finite supply, but it is also a hyper-deflationary supply coin which will burn most of the initial supply until the target supply of only 400 million coins is reached.
Starting with an initial supply of 1 Trillion coins, a total of 99.96% will be burned in regular cycles. The burn cycles will continue until a target supply of 1 Lunar distance in meters — the distance from the Earth to the Moon — of coins is achieved, namely 400 Million LLN.
Centralised platform token projects that aim to build a platform/ecosystem have a high degree of risk. Namely, there is execution risk, team risk, market risk and other risks which must be overcome for the project to produce real value and result in the appreciation of the coin price. LunaLand seeks to overcome this by not being tied to a centralised platform/project which impacts the price of the coin. It is a pure peer-topeer digital currency and store of value, and its success will depend only on user adoption and the building of the LunaLand community.
While there is no platform/ecosystem that can directly influence the price of LLN, the LunaLand project team is building real-world applications for the currency to underpin the value of the coin.

Mission & Vision

The mission is to develop a peer-to-peer pure digital currency and store of value which will be recognized as a cryptocurrency leader in terms of adoption, use, and value. Create a new digital currency that becomes a top 10 cryptocurrency and is underpinned by real-world use as not just a store of value but a medium of exchange

LunaLand (LLN) Coin

LunaLand (LLN) is a peer-to-peer digital currency and store of value. It will enable you to easily send money online and be used as a medium of exchange. There is no mint function, so supply is limited. The number of LLN in use can only decrease over time, making it the antithesis of modern fiat currencies. A digital currency utilizing the power of the blockchain to bring transparency, security, and low transaction fees.

It is a BEP-20 token built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) with an initial supply of 1 Trillion coins. It is a hyper-deflationary coin with a burn function that will burn supply until a total of 400 Million coins remain — 1 Lunar distance in meters. The burn function will be utilized until 99.96% of all coin supply is burned.

Features of LLN token

  • Hyper- Deflation: Hyper deflationary supply to increase upward price momentum. LUNALAND will burn coin supply until we reach 1 Lunar distance in coins. (400M coins) A burn rate of 99.96% from the initial pool of 1 Trillion coins reduces coin supply, resulting in upward price momentum.
  • Burn and Earn: LUNALAND is accessible to all with excellent return potential. Numerous mechanisms will reward early adopters and holders. Weekly burn cycles will burn 90% of tokens and distribute 10% of burn to holders. Regular burn cycles to reduce supply by 99.96% from 1 trillion to 400 million coins
  • Weekly Burn Cycles: LUNALAND will have weekly increasing burn cycles which will be randomized and announced 3 hours before burning.
  • Reward Holders: Controlled burns do not penalize buyers/sellers via a tax and encourage trading and liquidity while still rewarding holders.
  • Encourages Trading: Encouraging liquidity by rewarding early adopters and putting a minimum of 50% back into liquidity pools. No tax on trading to encourage liquidity, and coin rewards to holders give you the best of both worlds.
  • Low Entry Price: A supply of 1 trillion coins is intended to provide a low entry price and reward holders with unlimited upside potential.
  • Low transaction costs: The current cost of transferring $1,000,000 worth of LunaLand tokens is $0.05 (at the time of writing). In comparison, the cost of doing the same on the Ethereum network can be 1000x higher, or more, depending on congestion on the network.
  • High-speed block creation: In recent tests when distributing LunaLand tokens to our investors, we found sending large amounts of LunaLand did not take more than 8 seconds to reach the buyer. Again, using Ethereum as an example, blocks can take several minutes or sometimes up to an hour to create, depending on network congestion.


There are some unique features which makes LunaLand to stand out. Some of these features are discussed below:
➡️ Token Burn Function
There will be regular burning of tokens so as to reduce the supply from 1 Trillion to 400 million. The burning will be carried out in different phases to drive up demand of the token.
➡️ Finite Supply
The supply is deflationary and finite,hence there is no mint function nor are there plans to introduce any.
➡️ Supply Target
The final target set for supply is 400,000,000 (which is the distance of the rear the to the moon). Burning will be carried out till this target is met.
➡️ Holder’s Reward
There is no tax imposed on trading and this is to promote liquidity. Holders are usually rewarded. Buyers/sellers are not penalised in any way through taxation.
So far, one of the unique feature of LLN is its fixed hyper deflationary supply. Also, the community will also be carried along and communicated with whenever there is a burn and they can also track it via the website: LunaLand.io


Token Name: LunaLand
Token Symbol: LLN
Decimals: 18
Network: Binance Smart Chain (BEP20)
Initial Supply: 1 Trillion
Target Supply: 400,000,000


LunaLand presale is currently live and the price of LLN is put at $0.005. You can join the presale here Lunaland.io This may be your last chance to get the token at such cheap price. The burning feature alone is a confidence booster that the price will go higher so this is an easy high return on investment. The presale will run from 28th June to 20th July, 2021. The soft cap has been pegged at 1,000,000 LLN while the hardcap is 200,000,000 LLN.


LunaLand has within a short period proven itself to be a sustainable project with long term plans. Some of its unique features such as hyper deflationary supply, burning function, holders reward, lack of taxation, among others has made it to stand out among its contemporaries. From what I have seen so far, the team are quite serious in ensuring that LLN isn’t just a crypto token but one with a real life applications. So far,the roadmap is spot on and looks a serious project worth keeping an eye on. The presale is ongoing and it is a chance to take advantage to fill your bags with LLN tokens, always DYOR!



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