Md Arif
1 min readAug 26, 2021


Dear Koinomo community,

We know you’re very excited about the upcoming Koinomo token launch on and we really appreciate your patience and continued support.

We’ve been working very hard to make sure everything is ready behind the scenes for our launch in just a matter of days so you can start buying, investing, and trading KMO tokens safely and securely.

So far, we’ve made some great steps forward developing the Koinomo ecosystem, testing the platform, and attracting new clients and users.

As we get everything ready for the launch, we’re very excited to announce that the KMO token contract have been audited by TechRate!

This is a huge step in prioritizing security and community trust. Details of the smart-contract audits can be found in link below:

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Telegram: T.me/Koinomo