Hope Token project overview

Md Arif
6 min readJun 15, 2021

One can’t dismiss the volume and worth of the charitable trades in the world today. Crypto is emulating and improving traditional models and along these lines it’s simply common that the wealth made in the crypto space is looking for similar pathways to partake in the charitable world. That is a gigantic number of ordinary people supporting makes basic them. Also, that is the ideal subtleties for one country. Countless those people are entering the crypto world and expecting to duplicate their unselfish practices anyway with the extra benefits that a decentralized climate offers.
We are at a crucial time in our arrangement of encounters where customary plans are falling to pieces because they rely upon unrealistic guidelines of movement and centralization of power. The new prosperity and money related crisis has shown the gain weaknesses of standard systems that were for quite a while considered consistent and rough. As new issues arise, new courses of action will surface and we at $HOPE acknowledge that the cryptographic cash universe is a great spot for new, decentralized, innovative and neighborhood systems that make sure to convey sensible responses to the world’s most inconvenient issues.

The HOPE team needs to transform into a pioneer in establishment coins and help interface the power of cryptographic cash with the challenges of the high level world. Assumption is worked through the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) association. The basic stock is 1,000,000,000 tokens. We will devour 1% of each trade. We have made the most strong establishment way to deal with ensure that our blessings show up at the amplest possible reach for a variety of reasons, and that we are moreover set up to help those denied if there should be an occurrence of a sudden disaster.

While we are essentially based on supporting medium-sized affiliations that solidly influence close by areas in their spaces of activity, we think about the basic impact of greater overall causes, so we have developed a framework to help both. Reliably we support great purpose in different classes like young people, environment, guidance, people with ineptitudes, food taking care of, desperation easing up, etc

The HOPE team reviews tasks and pre-picks recipients subject to open models. We address pre-picked great motivation to our neighborhood hold a general vote. For 3 progressive months, HOPE will provide for greater overall affiliations. The gathering will pre-select the recorded causes, anyway the keep going choice on recipient decision will reliably come from our holders. $ HOPE has unmatched symbolism and an incredible selfless method expected to intensify advantage and neighborhood.

How achieves $HOPE Work
With a fundamental outright store of 1,000,000,000 tokens, $HOPE is applying a 8% cost charge that will be deducted from each trade, which will be used thusly:

From this 8%
3.5% is assigned to month to month endowments made to affiliations picked by our holders.
1.5% is dispersed to a joined disaster help store that will be conveyed if there ought to be an event of an emergency event.
The extra 3% of the 8%
1% to promoting and operational expenses. .
1% to the six owners and every person from the affiliation.
1% will be Burned.
We’ve moreover sorted out some way to convey our Tokenomics to a level that no other coin has reached already.
We’re clearing a path for another technique for partner crypto monetary patrons to a secured blessing way, and expanding current guidelines for straightforwardness and obligation. Our endeavor pulls in long stretch monetary patrons who believe in the limitless possible results of solidifying the improvements of the cryptographic cash space with the issues of the high level world. Not in any way like other philanthropic tokens that use blessings fundamentally to progress advancing, we see blessing the leaders suitably.

Token Detail
Token Name : $Hope
Blockchain platform : Binance Smart Chain
Coins accessible for use: 1,000,000,000
Ticker : HOPE

$ HOPE focuses on a differentcategory of help each month. Why? because our intention is to have as much social impact as possible across a wide spectrum of causes and also take advantage of marketing according to the world holidays that support different goals each month.

$ HOPE has a special natural disaster relief fund that will be used in the event of a world emergency such as a tsunami, hurricane, extreme forest fire or sudden natural disaster.

$ HOPE’S charity strategy follows under-reviewed international philanthropic benchmarks and adjusted to ensure our roadmaps follow world trends.

$ HOPE believes in community and the power of participatory investing so that our holders can nominate the charity they want to contribute to and also choose who receives.

Why are we doing this?
By purchasing $ HOPE securely with 20% of the total blessing, we ensure that our value continues to rise and produces a secured and strong continued fake turn of events. Perhaps the whale will come reliably, buy 20% of the highest blessing in its entirety (as our model indicates, it will be 20K in one month), in any case, never dump in the light of the fact that $ HOPE itself is a whale. $ HOPE will not dump — we will redistribute steadily. A slow revision of that 20% will be synced with a 20% collateral blessing that will be used to buy a trust token eventually to make it more visible liquidity and holders, despite the provision of the token to increase dramatically over time. This will provide a fair ROI for our cash sponsor over time, reduce shakiness, and push aggressively to a new higher level.

We can nominate charities through our website throughout the year
every month we support charities in different categories (children, environment, education, disabled individuals, food security, poverty alleviation, women, etc.)

The $ HOPE team reviews nominations and selects previous recipients based on pre-defined criteria. we present pre-selected charities to our community and we hold a general vote.
for 3 consecutive months per year, $ HOPE will be donated to a larger international organization. The team will pre-select the charity but a final vote to elect the recipient will be
always come from our holders.

This is the cumulative amount we hold each month as we raise funds to help the organization in the event of an emergency such as a hurricane, tsunami, forest fire, etc.

HOPE has an unusual tokenomics and a good blessing method, designed to support profitability and achieve social impact. We are laying the groundwork for a different way of engaging with cryptocurrency donors through a trusted path of blessing, and furthermore, expanding on existing principles of integrity and commitment. Our endeavor attracts long-term money supporters who believe in the endless possible results of overcoming progress cryptocurrency space with the challenges of the current reality. By no means likening to other tokens that use donations primarily to siphon off funds, we are incredibly earnestly awaiting commitment to managing blessings.

Website : https://hope-token.com/
Whitepaper : https://img1.wsimg.com/blobby/go/f0bc62f9-6012-4a0d-ae20-3d0a682ff572/downloads/HOPE%20WHITEPAPER.pdf
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Hopetokenofficial
Telegram : https://t.me/HopeTokenChat
Twitter : https://twitter.com/RealHopeToken

BTT Username: arif90900
BTT PROFIL: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1061824

Bscwallet: 0x6cec29a5668d5ecfa829b766fb62b2b53a8a6b94