Hope Token project overview


By purchasing $ HOPE every month with 20% of the donation amount, we ensure our prices continue to rise and result in safe, healthy and sustainable artificial growth. As if a whale comes every month, buy 20% of the total donation amount (according to our example this will be 20K in one month) but never throw away because $ HOPE itself is a whale. $ HOPE won’t waste — we’ll redistribute it slowly.


The HOPE team needs to transform into a pioneer in establishment coins and help interface the power of cryptographic cash with the challenges of the high level world. Assumption is worked through the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) association. The basic stock is 1,000,000,000 tokens. We will devour 1% of each trade. We have made the most strong establishment way to deal with ensure that our blessings show up at the amplest possible reach for a variety of reasons, and that we are moreover set up to help those denied if there should be an occurrence of a sudden disaster.

HOPE Token Features

HOPE token is a deflationary crypto token that allows users to maximize their profits and at the same time participate in donation programs to help people in need. HOPE token has an authentic tokenomics and a robust charitable strategy which will ensure the holders of profit and keep the charity program running well, transparently, and accountably. Unlike other charity tokens that only use charity programs just to increase the popularity of their platform, the HOPE token is serious in managing the charity funds that have been collected. But not only that, there are still some other features of the HOPE token:

  • Dedicated natural disaster relief fund: HOPE token will provide relief fund in cases of a world emergency event such as a tsunami, hurricane, or others.
  • Charitable strategy: HOPE tokens always do reviews and corrections to charity strategies, so that HOPE tokens always follow world trends.


$ HOPE focuses on a differentcategory of help each month. Why? because our intention is to have as much social impact as possible across a wide spectrum of causes and also take advantage of marketing according to the world holidays that support different goals each month.

How achieves $HOPE Work

With a fundamental outright store of 1,000,000,000 tokens, $HOPE is applying a 8% cost charge that will be deducted from each trade, which will be used thusly:

  • 1.5% is dispersed to a joined disaster help store that will be conveyed if there ought to be an event of an emergency event.
  • 1% to the six owners and every person from the affiliation.
  • 1% will be Burned.

Token Detail

Token Name : $Hope

Why do we do that?

By buying $HOPE reliably with 20% of the blessing entirety we are guaranteeing our worth keeps going up and produce a secured and strong, continued with fake turn of events. Perhaps a whale would come in reliably, buy 20% of the supreme blessing whole (as indicated by our model this would be 20K in one month) anyway never dump in light of the fact that $HOPE itself is the whale. $HOPE won’t dump-we will steadily redistribute. The slow revision of that 20% will be synchronized with the 20% of the accompanying blessing that will be used to buy trust token eventually to make more prominent liquidity and holders, notwithstanding grant the token to drastically increase through time. This will offer a fair ROI for our monetary sponsor as time goes on, lower shakiness and persistently bring a higher new floor.



BTT Username: arif90900
BTT PROFIL: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1061824



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