Hold Bela tokens in your wallet to earn more

What is Bela Token

Bela, enables anyone regardless of their wealth or location to earn liquid passive income using Binance Chain Smart contracts. Hold your wallet and earn.

Why Hold a Token?

Hold Bela tokens in your wallet to earn more, and generate revenue from transaction fees. Every transaction like buy, sell will reward you directly in your wallet.


  • Borrow & Borrow
  • $ 0.1 million — MARKET CAP
  • 5 — MADRIDER
  • 3% Distribution Among Holders
  • 2% Burning and Eliminating Supply
  • Costs Distributed in Realtime
  • Tax on Buy & Sell
  • 1 Quadrillion Deflation Supply
  • 3% distribution among the owners
  • 2% burning and eliminating supply
  • Lending & Borrowing: Borrow crypto by using your Bela token as collateral and get transaction fees at the same time!
  • Pools & Farms Liquidity: Get a consistent stream of income from other popular farm pools right from the Bela user dashboard.
  • Bela Analytics: Track your Bela token revenue and other Defi / crypto data metrics from one simple dashboard.


Bela token is here as a token that will provide passive income for token holders. By only holding Bela tokens in their wallets, holders will get rewards in the form of tokens that will be sent directly to their wallets. Not only that, users can easily access various other features such as lend/borrow, charts, analysis, liquidity, and farms through a user-friendly dashboard.



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