Hold BELA tokens and get passive income from transaction fees

Md Arif
4 min readJun 8, 2021

Currently coins are made according to needs, lots of tokens that have their own functions and a variety of different wallets,All Tokens can be obtained from a smart contract platform such as the Binance smart chain.

this time I will introduce and provide information about a project, namely Bela Token


defending Token will allow anyone, to talk about wealth and a location that serves to generate liquid passive income and is related to Binance Chain Smart. Hold your wallet and earn.


hold Bela tokens in your wallet to earn more, and also you can generate income from transaction fees. Trade peacefully knowing your LP token has been burned!


Increased Trust for Investors
Long Term incentives for Teams
Demonstrates Team Commitment
Allows for Good Trading Conditions
Attracting and Fostering Community
Gives Investors Peace of Mind

Bela is a deflationary, auto-mining token on Binance Smart Chain that just rewards token holders straightforwardly into their wallets. Token holders can get automated revenue consistently by holding Bela tokens, there is no should be confounded on the grounds that Bela will deal with everything. The Bela platform will convey remunerates reasonably to every single symbolic holder. The pay expenses that clients get in their wallets will be determined dependent on the quantity of tokens they hold in the wallet, so the more tokens clients hold, the more noteworthy the prizes they will get. In any case, not just that, there are as yet a few different highlights of the Bela token:

  1. Lending and Borrowing : Get crypto by using your Bela tokens as ensure and secure trade expenses all the while!
  2. Bela Charts : Forefront rich component DEX diagrams will be dispatched and joined inside the Bela stage.
  3. Liquidity Pools and Farms : Obtain an anticipated stream of pay from other standard developing pools directly from the Bela customer dashboard.
  4. Bela Analytics : Track your Bela token compensation and other Defi/crypto data estimations from one fundamental dashboard. Basically hold the Bela tokens in your wallet to obtain more compensation from trade charges.

Bela Features

Bela is a deflationary, auto-mining token on Binance Smart Chain that simply rewards token holders directly into their wallets. Token holders can get passive income every day just by holding Bela tokens, there is no need to be complicated because Bela will handle it all. The Bela platform will distribute rewards fairly to all token holders. The income fees that users receive in their wallets will be calculated based on the number of tokens they hold in the wallet, so the more tokens users hold, the greater the rewards they will get. But not only that, there are still several other features of the Bela token:

  • Lending & Borrowing: The Bela Platform provides borrow/lend features to users. Users can borrow using the Bela token as collateral.
  • Bela Charts: The Bela platform designs Next-Gen rich feature DEX charts that will be integrated directly into the platform.
  • Liquidity Pools & Farms: The Bela platform provides liquidity pools and farms features from popular farming pools on the user dashboard.
  • Bela Analytics: The Bela platform provides analysis features that make it easier for users to track their earnings and other Defi / crypto data metrics via the user dashboard.


Bela is a deflationary token, which implies the stock is dependably reducing as trades are taken care of by the blockchain. Learn more underneath.

5% Tax per transaction
3% Distribution Among Holders
2% Burn and Supply Removal
Fees Distributed in Realtime
Taxes on Buy & Sells
1 Quadrillion Deflationary Supply

Getting easy revenue is everybody’s fantasy, particularly in the present monetary conditions where it is dubious and numerous individuals fall into destitution. Having automated revenue consistently, permits individuals to have the option to keep up their financial condition. Also, Bela token is here as a symbolic that will turn out latent revenue for token holders. By just holding Bela tokens in their wallets, holders will get awards as tokens that will be sent straightforwardly to their wallets. Not just that, clients can undoubtedly get to different highlights, for example, loan/borrow, diagrams, examination, liquidity, and farms through an easy to use dashboard.

That’s all from me and thank you for reading this review article. For those of you who want to find information about BELA, you can visit one of the links below
Website: https://belatoken.org/
Telegram: https://t.me/belatokenorg
Twitter: https://twitter.com/BelaTokenOrg
Github: https://github.com/BelaOrganisation
ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5333094.0

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