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GlobalGive is a deflationary token built on the Binance Smart Chain. Investing in this token does not only grow your wealth but hopefully makes the world a better place, as we donate a percentage of proceeds to a charity to be determined every month. GlobalGive is therefore a rotatory Charity Token representing a ground-breaking option for Charities to raise funds in an ever-changing world.


The purposeGlobalGive rotates around giving a bound together local area driven digital currency stage for noble cause of all backgroundsand size to thrive. This is sponsored by a token thatprovides expanded financial backer security using a few mechanismsthat rewards financial backers for holding GGIVE through staticreflection.

Why they are differentGlobalGive is set up upon the rule of transparency. Every colleague completely doxed on the entirety of our platforms. They are comprised of an assorted gathering of people from all over the Globe and are totally Given to a good cause. Besides, ourtokenomics guarantees a natural development of our token to facilitate our noble cause try. Some significant highlights of our tokenthat separate us from the rest include: a reformist toxic whale charge, a bot executioner charge, programmed liquidity pool (LP)generation, devoted charitywallets, and static reflection

Why reflection

plans to remunerate holders of the symbolic ward uponthe volume held. Thusly, this will decrease selling pressureand energize natural development, particularly in the beginning stage ofadoption. Holders will actually want to acquire automated revenue withevery exchange by expanding the amount of their.

Financial backer Security Poisonous

Whale TaxWe all detest harmful whales, isn’t that right? All things considered, the GlobalGiveteam has the ideal arrangement. We have formed a progressivetaxing framework that plans to debilitate huge dumps. We atGlobalGive are focused on securing our financial backers andensuring a consistent ascent to the moon!

A reformist taxwilltherefore apply to every exchange and will increment dependentupon the quantity of tokens sold as a level of totalcirculating supply. This “whale tax” will be notwithstanding thenominal 10% expense for all exchanges. For instance, an additional10% taxwill be consequently produced for a whale attempting todump up to 1% of the complete flowing supply, whereas a 1%additional taxwill apply to another whale attempting to dump 0.1% ofthe all out coursing supply. This extra taxwill likewise apply ifthese whales attempt to dump the tokens in divided transactions. This component secures all holders and doesn’t influence mostretai.


At GlobalGive, we are leading the field in using the power of decentralized finance to become the industry-standard for charities to acquire and receive donations — from grassroots non-profits and disaster relief funds to established charities with global reach. Our goal is to provide a platform, driven by our community of GlobalGiver’s, to boost awareness to causes that need it most as well as donating to more charities monthly. We are doing all of the above whilst rewarding investors for simply holding $GGIVE and providing increased investor protection measures. Hold GlobalGive, change the world!


Below is the detail of token economics which shows details related to total supply, charity details, developement supply airdrop supply etc.


This particular project is already listed on many cryptocurrency tracking websites like coinmarketcap, coingecko and other website,s and this is also listed on pancakeswap.

It was important to cover theLP lock for a very long time to prepare of any potential pancakswapupgrades — most tokens have been not able to relocate to V2 dueto bolted liquidity on V1. The programmed LP additionally goes about as a consume include for our token. Thetokens that go into the LP are bolted and can’t be returnedinto the circling supply; in this manner, making a deflationarydynamic to our token. This implies that the complete inventory reduceswith every exchange consequently raising the value floor.05Multi-Mark WalletsTo give additional security, at least 5 marks needed to open the chairty wallet.

CHARITYOur center valuesOur token has made an imaginative method to raise support forcharities simultaneously as creating abundance for financial backers. They have a few subsidizing streams for charities. Firstly have a charitywallet with 5% of the all out circulatingsupply.

This wallet will be utilized to give to good cause globallyand reserve local area projects that are casted a ballot upon by thecommunity. Secondly, we have banded together with good cause that are willing toadopt a wallet with our token to straightforwardly get gifts fromour local area. These causes have shown tremendous confidence in usand can growwith us in this great undertaking.


Below I have mentioned the roadmap of Globalgive crypto project


  1. Download TrustWallet app from Google Play or App Store and set up your wallet.
  2. Activate BNB coin in your wallet — choosing the Smart Chain Token
  3. Purchase BNB from Binance or your chosen Exchange.
  4. Using BEP20 network, send your BNB to your Wallet and then swap it to Binance Smart Chain
  5. Click DApps tab in TrustWallet. Scroll down and select PancakeSwap
  6. Select PancakeSwap V2.
  • In the ‘From’ box, ensure BNB is selected
  • In the ‘To’ box, tap select a currency. Enter the GlobalGive contract address and tap Add
  • Choose the amount of BNB you want to swap to GlobalGive and hit Swap



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