Futurov: The True Decentralized Over The Top Streaming Service Provider.

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In the early 80’s, Television Broadcasting was done primarily by Television Stations; where specified frequencies were used to broadcast the signal generated from the TV stations. These frequencies revolved between Amplitude and Frequency Modulated Frequencies; they were Radio Frequencies. The customer in this regard needed an antenna to pick up the transmitted signal and then via the aid of a coaxial cable, feed the demodulated signal into the Television set. This was and is still the classical method used by most broadcasting stations. But the Birth of the internet has given rise to a whole new method of Broadcasting; where with the aid of the internet, you can stream Live TV shows, News, Sports, entertainment shows and lots more; regardless of your geographical location. It is an approach called “Over The Top Media Service” (OTT). All subscribers’ needs to do are to have a wireless fidelity router, equipped with a 4G or 5G network. Then the surfer can gain access to thousands of digital contents online. Power companies such as Netflix, Hulu, Disney + Hotstar are all examples of OTT services, where their users can gain access to an accredited library of TV shows and movies to list a few. Futurov (FTV) will be using the OTT approach too but in a decentralized way. This it will achieve by employing the Infrastructure of Blockchain technology.

An In-depth Review of the Futurov platform

Futurov is a decentralized Over The Top streaming provider that carries out its services using the Basic Infrastructure of Blockchain Technology. Futurov concentrates on delivering a non profit proscription source of permanent news, entertainment, music, amines to list a few through a well community selected Over The Top protocol. Futurov ingeniously rewards creators, subscribers and partners. The OTT industry has a promising future. According to an Analysis carried out by KBV, the OTT industry is projected to grow into a $200 billion Market Capitalization by year 2025. Futurov aims to be the number one firm for obtaining barrier free information, irrespective of the geographical location an individual is accessing from.

Futurov’s platform will be completely decentralized. All a subscriber needs to do is to get connected to the platform and start viewing. It’s that simple, there will be no need for Sign ups or Know Your Customer (KYC) registrations. Amazingly, you can even earn while you watch. Futurov TV is a platform built for the community. Streaming services will range from movies and sports to TV reality shows and News broadcasts. The core team behind Futurov aims to host every individual TV station, Series, Shows, Documentaries, and Sports to mention a few on an indestructible distributed ledger. The team aims to finance this vision once they attain a targeted capacity in the market capitalization, one that would be able to cater for the expenses needed to fund the above explained aspiration.

Here is a short video presentation explaining the intricacies of Futurov’s project:


Futurov’s Over The Top Application

Futurov’s OTT app will present global feeds as well as localized and decentralized new channels. The app will support the streaming of Live sports and some Pay-Per View (PV) events such as Network events. The Futorv core team aims to make some PPV events exclusive to the Futurov OTT app. The core team has also secured meaningful partnership regarding Live streaming with other streaming company apps such as Youtube, Theta and LBRY. Again, Futorv has been granted permission to apps such Vuulr and Allrites marketplaces. The features and stations presented in the app explain how far the core team and the crypto community backing Futorv are determined to take this project.

Futurov’s Original

Netflix and Amazon Originals have been the leaders in this genre but with Futorv originals, the core team aims to rival its predecessors and surpass them. This they aim to achieve by granting their creators full liberty to carry out any new innovation they want without fear of restriction. Again, the core team also aims to hire the beat staffs in the industry too in likes with the aforementioned studios and equipments to enable them deliver the best technical and professional services needed.

Futurov’s Non Fungible Token (NFT) Launch pad, Market place and Augmented Reality

Non Fungible Tokens are another frontiers in the cryptocurrency industry. Artist can tokenize their NFT movies or legendary brands. Again the NFT tokens created can be used to launch Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality collectibles bringing the NFT creation to life. The core team at Futurov aims to achieve this, securing partnerships as regards to this. The core team has also approached celebrities in this regard who have been giving their supporters their NFT creations.

Futurov’s Game and Educational station

Nowadays, every platform and organization includes games among their collection of features and Futurov is not an exception. On Futurov’s platform users will be able to play games such as Coinfarmer, a game specifically designed by Futurov’s team. It will be a farming simulator in likes with Nintendo’s Animal Crossing.

Educationally, the platform will support learning. Topics such as global political trends, crypto projects, videos related to real life profession and exceptional training videos will all be available on the platform. The Futurov’s core team has partnered with Agenz Ltd and Hyr DAO in this regard.

The Current Over the Top Industry Problems

TV, Media and service providers always belief in reviewing the content of the product their users are about to upload before they approve them. These have created a lot of restrictions in the industry. Similarly, Crypto base Over The Top streaming service providers such as Thetha and Bolt follow similar approaches. A lot of individual feel repressed in this current dilemma since they can’t upload whatever they want.

Futurov’s Solutions

Futurov’s plans to salvage the situation by presenting a worldwide barrier free source of information and entertainment. One that gives its users the privilege to vote on the rights and licences purchased and also Grants issued to charity or support aids. Futurov’s truly allows its community to govern by including them in the decision making process or the organization. The core team aims to monetize their network in the most recent trending ways. Sparing the Biodata documents of their users and ensuring that their peace and comfort is maintained during any streaming exercise.

Futurov welcomes Ingeniousness

So many people are endowed with the gift of creativity. In the entertainment industry, these classes of individuals become creative directors. Be it in the Music, Movie or Script writing industry. Futurov welcomes such individuals aboard by giving them a platform to move from paper to screen with the uttermost freedom they desire, enabling them deliver the best product possible.

FTV Tokenomics

Token Name: Futurov Token Ticker: FTV

Token Contract Address: 0xfd2ceaf2a104b2817d8d3252801c52af6b8dae77

Initial Supply: 8,000,000,000

Final Supply: 1,000,000,000

The maximum token supply that can ever be minted is capped at 8,000,000,000. It has a deflationary 4.20% fee on every transaction being dispatched to stakers and burned in equal percentage until we are left with only 1,000,000,000 tokens left. This will cause the price to increase in a healthy fashion.

Futurov Tokenomics

Here, 51% of all the profit made from all business operations such as intrusive ads, NFT sales and Originals will be utilized to purchase back and burn (FTV) until the target of 1,000,000,000 token supply is reached. Afterwards, the reward of the remaining 49% will increase.

FTV Token Sales

Step by step Procedure

Step 1) Send your estimated amount of Binance coin (BNB) to 0x9f7d125f608E88b03a270E2532C6fF118dcd5EB3

Step 2) Add FTV to your Trust or Metamask token library by pasting the below token

address into the “add custom token” section 0xfd2ceaf2a104b2817d8d3252801c52af6b8dae77

Public Sale: 0x9f7d125f608E88b03a270E2532C6fF118dcd5EB3

When engaging with the contract address above, ensure that you calibrate the gas level to 5 / 299,999

Min purchase quantity is 0.003BNB

Max purchase quantity is 4.2BNB

Public Sale soft cap: 69BNB / Hard cap: 420BNB

Market cap / Price

SALE 1 Target : $690000 / 0.00023 USD / FTV (Ended with 64 BNB raise)

SALE 2 Target: $786600 / 0.00025 USD / FTV (LIVE)

LISTING Target and Price: $969,420 MC / 0.00029 / FTV (Post Sale)

FTV Token Uses

  • Governance — Here, Token holders recommend, vote and execute cancellations, renewals & additions.
  • Currency — FTV, being the main currency of the Dapps permits for free and immediate transactions.
  • Rewards — Token holders receive airdrops (NFT’s) into their personal wallet addresses. from revenue generated from tickets sales to events, merch or collectibles.
  • Staking — The core team presents a high interest rate for locking in tokens while simultaneously acquiring the scarcest of NFT airdrops.
  • Engagement — An inflationary fuel token unleashed with community votes determining tokenomics
  • Philanthropy — A to be decided percentage of the fuel tokens will be apportioned to industry specific philanthropic actions.

Futurov Team Members

The team is made up of a group of professionals which span across different segments of the cryptocurrency industry. Experts such as Blockchain engineers, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Technical Officer, Cryptocurrency Journalists and other relevant professionals needed to make the Futurov project a success. Again, these experts originates from various countries of the world. It is also important to note that Futurov is a community project, every decision taken and executed in this project is carried out based on a voted decision from the community members.

Conclusion and Personal preference

The TV entertainment and media industry is heading towards the direction of online streaming which surpasses any barrier restriction or central control. Individuals will be able to get connected to whatever media production they desire. Futurov will be involved in this evolution in a decentralised way. Futurov will not require any form of registration or know your customer verification for their users to get connected. Get involved in this revolution today!

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