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FTX Fund is a blockchain-based fund aimed at global commercial activities. We are only jointly responsible for activities that are within the key ecosystems that have been announced with global partners. Our statements through executives and business directors are to bring out the most accurate information to all parties. Our information will be posted on the official media channels we announce below. We are not responsible for information, marketing plans, or commercial activities that are not derived from our official statements. The terms of cooperation, user standards, or associate partnership will be clearly outlined in this Whitepaper. The Whitepaper is the official document giving an overview of FTX Fund for individuals involved in this business. Information not included in this Whitepaper FTX Fund is not within our responsibility.


Cryptocurrency has become intrinsically linked to the financial world’s digital transformation. The year 2020’s COVID-19 pandemic is a catalyst that will accelerate cryptocurrencies’ role even further. There are several aspects where we can see digital token’s influence in 2021 and beyond

FTX Fund builds its brand and puts its reputation at the center of its business. Its job is to ensure customers’ investment capitals are safe. FTX Fund’s commercial activities are committed to bringing products and services of the highest standards to its customers. Commitment means implementation, and FTX Fund will get things done. It aims to provide professional services to potential partners and customers in all circumstances. If you are finding a convenient investment project, then FTX Fund is the best platform for you.

Application of the FTXF Token

To grow, from the very beginning FTX Fund decided to transparently maintain a harmonious list of additional token ratios for different segments. The system will pre-mine on a total supply of 8 million tokens. The remaining allocation items will be mined according to the proportion that has been publicly allocated on the smart contract for many years. The liquidity system using FTXF token will be applied by us to its ecosystems in turn soon, the FTX Fund team is working towards one of its roadmap’s milestones: To make this token a travel companion as well. FTXF can be used as payments for around 1.5 million hotel systems and ticket bookings of 400 different airlines around the world.

What Is BEP-20?

BEP-20 is a plan regarding how a token can be spent, who can spend it, and it even has rules about its general use. The BEP-20 standard was both gotten from and completely viable with the ERC-20 norm, and the code of the capacities that characterize the BEP-20 standard are changes of the ERC-20 norm.

These adjustments were done and proposed to improve the convention while upgrading its speed just as an exchange cost. Indeed, BEP-20 was considered as this specialized feature for the Binance Smart Chain to give an adaptable arrangement through which numerous designers can dispatch various tokens. These tokens could address anything from shares inside a business to dollars, which are put away in a bank vault-like Stablecoins.

FTX Fund is a new blockchain platform functioning under FTX Finance LTD, conceived together with a mission to create a huge foundation in the particular blockchain industry. Consequently, the ultimate objective that FTX Fund wants to accomplish is building a good ecosystem that may be implemented. FTX Fund platform provides various features which are very helpful for the users. Then what are you looking for?

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