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Token Name: FTXFUND

Token Symbol: FTXF

Token type: BEP-20

Decimal: 18

Contract Address: 0xd90f0846b9d0f371b35a9fe89102c306458aa56f

FTX’s Fund will likely draw in purchasers with the various functionalities coordinated into its BEP 20-based FTXF token. It is a device that dealers can use to purchase administrations in the environment. It very well may be utilized to purchase and sell merchandise on twenty unique trades worldwide and as installments in the business informal organization Clients can encounter moment exchanging utilizing the FTXFund ATMs, as the stage incorporates shrewd attractive card innovation in installment doors, for example, Visa, Mastercard, and Unionpay to make FTXF installments into fiat cash in more than 180 nations. To develop, from the earliest starting point FTX Fund chose to straightforwardly keep an agreeable rundown of extra symbolic proportions for various sections.


Financial history shows that, for consistently or decade, the modes of exchanging merchandise or administrations have steadily changed extraordinarily. From the time of shells and mussels to trade products, at that point to utilize jewels and coins to exchange, in the twentieth century, humanity went to paper cash, toward the start of the 21st century was an arrangement of purifica- tion cards and power bills. passing is conceived. Skip of the second decade of this century saw the blast of square chain and on the web installment App, introducing a brilliant period in the Fintech monetary technol- ogy industry.

FTX Fund decides to assemble a global installment collusion, in which assets for this framework are connected between the Bank, the between public exchanging and installment framework, the neighborhood cash framework and the cryptographic money Blockchain based straightforward exchanging stage. The upsides of this framework stand apart as: Fast, secure, low charges, bor- derless, straightforward and mysterious.

What is FTX

FTX Fund is a blockchain stage working under FTX Finance LTD, considered with a mission to make a huge establishment in the square chain industry.

FTX Finance LTD is a corperation working in the field of Financial Oper-ations Management. FTX Finance , set up in the UK, was set up by a gathering with wide contribution with adventure holds, money related technol-ogy, and overall trade from the EU, US, and ASIA.

Advanced Real Estate

The deals or showcasing arrangement of land items are adjusting the attitude of land manufacturers and intermediaries. Presently, because of blockchain innovation, anybody can claim land internationally with only a single tick. Advanced land, or crypto land, is continuously mainstream on the planet, and has become an exceptional hot pattern. New companies enjoy likewise taken benefit of this influence to develop business. FTX Fund executes the DIASPLAT biological system applying blockchain to digitize and exchange land all around the world.


Hi guys, Shortly I wanna show you about FTX Fund Financial Revolution System, how to pay for something in the present era has shifted into the digital sphere. How to pay digitally is considered to facilitate the user and reduce the errors that often occur in payment traditionally. In fact, the traditional way of payment is now almost extinct replaced by digital payments. We are gradually pivoting to a technological era where computing power is the fuel of modern technology. Computer processing power is needed to fuel the ever-growing and rising aspects of emerging technology. Artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality, cloud computing, and blockchain technology, just to mention a few.


FTX Fund is a blockchain platform operating under FTX Finance LTD, conceived with a mission to create a massive foundation in the blockchain industry. Therefore, the ultimate goal that FTX Fund wants to achieve is building an ecosystem that can be implemented according to the announced roadmap. FTX Finance LTD is a corporation operating in the field of Financial Operations Management. FTX Finance, established in the UK, was founded by a team with extensive experience in investment funds, financial technology, and global trade from the EU, US, and ASIA. FTX Fund focuses on sustainable ecosystems: Digital Real Estate Exchange, Decentralized Exchange, E-Commerce, Business Social Network, and International Payment Gateway. FTX Fund will be the bridge to operate innovative blockchain systems with diverse ecosystems. FTX Finance will soon publish necessary information on stock promotions to strategic investors of FTX Fund. We hope that it will be a leverage for members to increase investment value.


Monetary history shows that, for every century or decade, the modes of trading goods or services have gradually changed markedly. From the period of shells and mussels to exchange goods, then to use gems and coins to trade, in the 20th century, mankind turned to paper money, at the beginning of the 21st century was a system of purification cards and electricity bills. death is born. The bounce of the second decade of this century saw the explosion of blockchain and online payment App, ushering in a golden era in the Fintech financial technology industry. FTX Fund determines to build a multinational payment alliance, in which resources for this system are linked between the Bank, the international switching and payment system, the local money system, and the cryptocurrency Blockchain-based transparent trading platform. The advantages of this system stand out as Fast, secure, low fees, borderless, transparent, and anonymous.

JUN 01, 2021 (10:00)

Tokens Exchange rate

1 FTXF = 0,6$

Launch App

Total tokens sale

3.500.000 FTXF

Min — Max

1.000 FTXF — 10.000 FTXF


Website: https://ftxfund.com/

Whitepaper: https://ftxfund.com/frontend/WPP.pdf?v=1

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FTXFund

Twitter: https://twitter.com/FTXfundofficial

Telegram: https://t.me/FTXFundGlobal

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfI7bFtIrFfE-NeS7y57OJw

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