FTX Fund — AMulti-Functional Cryptocurrency Exchange.

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3 min readJun 1, 2021

FTX Fund has successfully established itself as a potent source to get all the necessary information relating to blockchain and cryptocurrency at a single place. The site mainly aims to help the Next Gen understand the nuances of cryptocurrency trading and blockchain technology in lucid language and simple terms.

The FTX Fund Decentralized Exchange: What You Should Know

FTX Fund is a dedicated application and research platform for solutions relating to cryptocurrency, big data, fintech, and online financial transactions.

Currently, the smart contract of this exchange has undergone a number of reviews to get the necessary certification to be issued by Audit Companies. When blockchain firms go for audits, especially relating to its technology, accounts, and financial affairs, it needs the help of Audit Companies.

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Some Exciting Features About FTX Fund.

FTX Fund innovates the core business with decentralized technology. In their Business Strategy Report, some highlight features might appear in the FTX Fund Exchange:

● Price Manipulation Security systems observe for irregularities across all trading pairs and moderate the risk of accidental liquidations and short squeezes.

● Cloud Scalability Configuration, which is able of managing up to 10,000 transactions per second.

● Collaboration with Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20) utilises the price matching mechanism and prevents stuck traffic network during the high-volume peak.

● FTXF Token optimizes payments for around 1.5 million hotel systems and ticket booking of 400 different airlines universal.

Currently, The FTXFund Decentralized Exchange has also undergone a series of reviewing the application code to receive Certification issued by Chainsulting. Some of the significant criteria to pass the Chainsulting Audit:

● Certificate of Compliance.

● Full Report & Recommendations.

● Automated Vulnerability Tests (Mythril, Slither, Oyente, MythX, Solhint, HoneyBadger, etc.).

● Manual Security Tests (SWC-Registry, Overflow, etc.).

● Coding Conventions Tests.

● Function and Logic Tests.

The FTX Fund Mission and Goal

FTX Fund platform under FTX Finance was born with a mission to create a giant foundation in the blockchain industry. So the ultimate goal that FTX Fund wants to reach is to create an ecosystem that can be done according to the announced roadmap. They also provide professional services to potential partners and customers in all circumstances.

Monetary history shows that, for every century or decade, the modes of trading goods or services have gradually changed markedly. From the period of shells and mussels to exchange goods, then to use gems and coins to trade, in the 20th century, mankind turned to paper money, at the beginning of the 21st century was a system of purification cards and electricity bills. death is born. The bounce of the second decade of this century saw the explosion of blockchain and online payment App, ushering in a golden era in the Fintech financial technology industry. FTX Fund determines to build a multinational payment alliance, in which resources for this system are linked between the Bank, the international switching and payment system, the local money system, and the cryptocurrency Blockchain-based transparent trading platform. The advantages of this system stand out as Fast, secure, low fees, borderless, transparent, and anonymous.

The FTXFund Decentralized Exchange has also under-gone the process of completing its application for an audit license at HAECHI AUDIT. In order to secure a license, FTX Fund must pass a rigorous testing process, including: • Certificate of Compliance • Analyze known security vulnerabilities • Inspect the operating code • Analyze vulnerabilities using security tool • Dynamic Analysis by using Unit Test • Integration Test: Analyze code behavior in predictable scenarios.

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