Filipcoin is a cryptocurrency using Decentralized Ledger Technology in ico

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Introduction Decentralized Network in Transportation

Decentralization is an important aspect of any blockchain application. Compared to centralized and distributed systems, decentralizing management of data delivers improved accessibility of data, less service failures, and lower transaction costs. Such advantages will help aid automation and interoperability of payment systems.

For example, one of the early concerns when the Philippines started to restructure its public transportation system through its Omnibus Guidelines on the Planning and Identification of Public Road Transportation Services and Franchise Issuance, also the PUV Modernization Program (PUVMP), is the need for a unified fare collection system.

A decentralized network that benefits the multi-sectoral stakeholders of PUVMP and the domestic and international transport sector in general will help provide a secure and cost-effective technology.

We’ve built a platform to buy and sell shares.

FILIPCOIN is creating a blockchain ecosystem for mobile application services in the service economy sector.

Unlike other projects in the cryptocurrency world, FILIPCOIN holders already gain automatic access to a developed and fully functional application for small businesses and entrepreneurs, with additional uses and benefits in the pipeline.

However, as we will detail in this Whitepaper, we intend to introduce additional functionalities and progressively integrate the application into the Ethereum blockchain.

Competitive Advantages

FCP will demonstrate innovative approach on the technical development and management that is both profitable and sustainable.

FlexibleEase of Use. This particular use will allow partners from Transportation and other mobile payment application service sector to integrate a payment gateway to the FILIPCOIN blockchain ecosystem, these plug-and-play tools make it easy for anyone with a smartphone to access financial services at a lower costs and will provide ease to its users, hence the beauty of a decentralized system leveraged by having its own blockchain technology.

Through decentralization, increased accessibility of available technology developed, though FILIPCOIN will be able to cater to significant groups of users and target markets covering Developers, Corporations, Small-Medium Enterprise and End User.

What is FCP token?

The FCP Token will be used to power the FILIPCOIN service economy software initiatives, as well as to reward or be paid for participating in peer-to-peer payments.

With a maximum supply of 168 Million FILIPCOINS, 83,868,000 Million of the total created tokens will be earmarked for the ICO, which will last two months. It should be mentioned that the FCP minimum is 100 FILIPCOINS.

TOTAL SUPPLY 168,000,000.00

Filipcoin will be released on the basis of Ethereum and Bitcoin platform. It’s compatibility of the token with third-party services (wallets, exchanges etc.), and provides easy-to-use integration.

March 01, 2021
Acceptable Currencies
Number of Tokens For Sale
Token Exchange Rate
1 FCP = 0.0003956 ETH, 1 FCP = 0.00002982 BTC


ROAD MAPFilipcoin Timeline

FILIPCOIN is aimed at being a relevant mover in the country’s increased ‘fintech’ competitiveness. And with an increased acceptance of cryptocurrency in the Philippines, time as well as timing, is highly significant.

Phase 1 — Q4 2017 to Q4 2020

  • Development of an Informative Website
  • FILIPCOIN’s comprehensive whitepaper, roadmap, ICO details and timeline overview
  • Creation of FILIPCOIN

Phase 2–4 — Q4 2017 to Q4 2021

  • Affiliate Site
  • Bounty rewards, and airdrops
  • FILIPAY Mobile App
  • Complete Features of FILIPAY Transportation System
  • FCP Mobile Wallet
  • External Wallet for Filipay and other partner companies

Phase 5 — Q4 2021 to Q4 2022

  • Monetary Integration System
  • Phase 6–2021–2025
  • FILIPCOIN Blockchain Ecosystem
  • Exchanger Platform API Development (Open Source)
  • Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

FILIPCOIN APPDownload Mobile App

Filipcoin (FCP) facilitates adoption to digital currency trend, send and receive FC, BTC, ETH anywhere in the world, exchange tokens under ETH and PAY FARE IN MOST OF THE MODE OF TRANSPORTATION ANYWHERE.

Filipay facilitates automatic fare collection to all Public Utility Vehicles, adoption to digital currency trend, send and receive money/credits anywhere in the world, get rebates from your favorite shopping sites or restaurants, pay ahead with your bills, gasoline, foods, travels and many more. It has the following features:

  • Automatic Fare Collection
  • Pay Ahead that Maximizes Payment Mobility
  • Accessible, Reliable and Convenient
  • Digital Currency as Reward Points
  • Highly Secured E-Wallet
  • Send and Receive Peso Digital Currency
  • Collaborative Rebates
  • Loading Gateways


The Leadership Team

We are proud of our great team. They are the most motivated and enthusiastic people we have, and is always ready and willing to help out where needed.
The Leadership Team

Janice Arino


Service Economy Applications Inc. With Its Flagship Product, FILIPAY, An Automated Fare Collection System (AFCS) Authorized By The Department Of Transportation For The Government’s Public Utility Vehicle Modernization (PUVM) Drive, Is Headed By Its CEO/Chairman, Janice Ariño.

Janice, Who Hailed From Bicol Province, Is A Teacher By Profession. She Then Moved To Los Baños Where She Started Her Small Entrepreneurial Journey While Also Pursuing A Master Of Management In Business Management Major In Finance At The University Of The Philippines Los Baños.

However, As Cliché, As It May Seem, Faith Had A Different Plan. Her Path Isn’t Without Struggles And Challenges But Her Passion, Determination, And Patience To See Through All Of Life’s Hardships Gave Her The Much Needed Resilience And Spirit In Gathering Trusted Individuals That Helped Her Establish Her Own Company Which Ultimately Was Registered Under The Securities And Exchange Commission And Is Fast Becoming A Preferred Partner By Different Transport Cooperatives Through FILIPAY, Nationwide.

She Is A Testament To What Qualities A Real Leader Should Have Despite The Limitations. Working And Learning While Continuously Building Relationships Had Helped Her Gain The Trust Of Our Corporate Partners, Clients, And Stakeholders Making FILIPAY One Of The First Few AFCS Who Was Able To Install And Deploy Modern Jeepneys In The Roads Of Metro Manila, Philippines.

To Support The Project With The Government’s Drive For Future Cashless Payment System, The FILIPCOIN Will Pursue Its Vision To Push Forward The Integration Of Blockchain Technology With The Company’s Existing Project In FILIPAY — As The Mobile Platform For The Transportation Industry.

Jonas Arino

Chief Operation Officer

With 20 Years’ Experience In Service At Social Security System In The Philippine Government As The Corporate Executive Officer I / II Who Ensures Strict Compliance With The System Policies And Internal Control Procedures While Maintaining The Highest Level Of Quality Service.

Norlito Jacob

InfoSec & IT Engineer

A Consistent Team Leader Who Always Tends To “Aim High” In Terms Of Goals And Vision. With This Characteristics,He Is Well-Known In IT Development, SEO Principle And Project Management.He Is Also A Security Enthusiast With Deep Understanding When It Comes To Cybersecurity And Information Security Topics And Ideas. Serving As The Main Point Of Contact For Investigating And Resolving Security-Related Issues.

Sanjay Shrestha

Senior Software Engineer

Experienced And Proficient Software Engineer With A Focus On Web And Mobile Development, Technical Project Management. Detail And Goal-Oriented, Enthusiastic Team Player.

A ‘Go-To’ Person With A Concentration On Staying Ahead Of The Curve And Leveraging Emerging Technologies To Build Brand Market Share. The Best Part Of My Career; It’s A Lifelong Learning Commitment.

Punith Kumar Baskaran

Lead Blockchain Consultant

Extensive Experience In Various Domains Of Blockchain Development And An Outstanding Professional With Proven Skills, Good Technical Understanding, And Continuous Adaptation To The Technological Advancements In This Technology.

Atty. Salma F. Angkaya-Kuhutan

Legal Adviser

Data Privacy, AML/CFT, And FinTech Lawyer With A Unique Insight In Legal Preparedness/DRRM

Currently Runs A General Law Practice While Acting As Legal Counsel, Corporate Secretary, Or Consultant In The Company. She Is Currently Involved In Regulatory Compliance (Data Privacy And AML/CFT) For A Fintech Client Developing Solutions To Address The “New Normal” In Public Transportation, Aligned With The Government’s PUV Modernization And Contact-Tracing Program.

Medel Afalla

Philippine Public Transportation Consultant

With 37 Years Of Expertise And Experience In Good Governance In Public Transport Under The Office Of Transportation Cooperative Philippines.

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