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4 min readJul 25, 2021

MixMarvel, a blockchain game distributing stage, dispatched another item, DeHero, on the thirteenth. The Hero is a NFT + DeFi mode where you can partake in the fun of NFT games and acquire benefits with GameFi, a blend of games and money.

DeHero was dispatched on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and the in-game NFT resources depend on the BEP-721 convention. Players can get NFT Hero Cards through daze box NFT card pack buy, marking mining, liquidity mining, market buy, and so forth, and can utilize the obtained NFT Hero Cards to take part in card assortment and mining, joining cards or openings You can likewise overhaul your battle power.

The greatest contrast from Artwork NFT is that each NFT card in the game has a specific measure of HEROES tokens incorporated into it.

With the authority arrival of 15:00 (UTC+9) on July 13, The Hero pre-deal 6,000 restricted version NFT card packs, and sold out in a short time. As per information from, inside 24 hours of the arrival of The Hero, NFT volume positioned second in the BSC volume positioning.

In the authority offer of 4,000 restricted version NFT card packs hung on July 15, all NFT card packs were sold out in a short time, and DeHero’s NFT exchanging volume on this day kept up with second spot in the BscScan positioning.

After the arrival of the game was reported, the reaction from the worldwide local area of DeHero was hot. Specifically, after the lossless mining, liquidity mining, and card assortment mining capacities were opened, players shared their methodologies and reacted significantly.

The Korean people group reacted to DeHero’s Certik review report that the game’s security was protected and solid, and communicated their expectation that the NFT card would be utilized in different games, while the Chinese people group mostly communicated the value pattern of HEROES. , and the English-talking local area was more keen on the best way to play and draw in with the game.

A MixMarvel official said, “later on, more helpful networks will join DeHero, and we desire to give excellent substance and administrations to more worldwide blockchain clients.” We intend to do overhauls, for example, growing the card space,” he said, adding that particular data will be authoritatively reported sometime in the not too distant future.

DeHero Cryptocurrency

There is a digital money that controls the exercises and exchanges in the DeHero people group, which is known as HEROES. The administration will supply 21,000,000 HEROES for the undertaking. The money depends on BEP-721 and based on BSC, can be gotten through the accompanying ways:

Marking in LP. The HEROS cards acquired through LP marking are secured and obliterated 48 hours after their age.
Purchasing card packs from the in-game store
Gifts from companions
Buying from companions

The HEROES money is inherent card packs. Every one of them has an extraordinary shading and positioning number that decides its battle to and mining proficiency.


DeHeros people group has a set up mining pool with interesting highlights where clients can store pair tokens to mine and procure a few advantages. Clients can procure and collect HEROES tokens from the LP. There is a sure worth of aggregated HEROES that can be removed from the LP or a client should store a token to finish it before it very well may be removed.


This is a gaming stage for the local area. Members in the game need to sign in and get a card set containing a card opening. Clients place their Hero NFT card in the spaces to actuate the NFT. The more NFT initiated, the seriously battling limit the client gets.


This is an exchanging stage for NFT cards. It takes into consideration exchanging of HEROS and BUSD. The clients redo the cost to sell the cards. An expense of 1% and 3% is charged for HEROS and BUSD exchanges individually. A specific measure of gas expense is needed in BNB. Exchanging the commercial center gives some profit to the clients. These income can be removed to the BSC wallet with an expense of BNB. Each client has a pack of cards from which they hold and deal with their cards. Cards that are not set in the card opening are inactive cards. Clients can share and give cards to their companions.


DeHero game can be played at A BSC wallet with a modest quantity of BNB gas charge is needed to join the game. The Hero card on set can be traded with a card with a similar card number. This requires a gas expense. Note that if the card opening is unfilled, the battling limit is zero.

An assortment of a few explicit cards improves the battling limit of the client. Clients can get this through mining. Clients can switch the game language by tapping the “CN/EN” button in the upper right corner of the landing page, you can switch the language among Chinese and English.

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