DeHero — The Intersection of Blockchain And Gaming In Single Platform

DeHero Cryptocurrency

There is a digital money that controls the exercises and exchanges in the DeHero people group, which is known as HEROES. The administration will supply 21,000,000 HEROES for the undertaking. The money depends on BEP-721 and based on BSC, can be gotten through the accompanying ways:


DeHeros people group has a set up mining pool with interesting highlights where clients can store pair tokens to mine and procure a few advantages. Clients can procure and collect HEROES tokens from the LP. There is a sure worth of aggregated HEROES that can be removed from the LP or a client should store a token to finish it before it very well may be removed.


This is a gaming stage for the local area. Members in the game need to sign in and get a card set containing a card opening. Clients place their Hero NFT card in the spaces to actuate the NFT. The more NFT initiated, the seriously battling limit the client gets.



DeHero game can be played at A BSC wallet with a modest quantity of BNB gas charge is needed to join the game. The Hero card on set can be traded with a card with a similar card number. This requires a gas expense. Note that if the card opening is unfilled, the battling limit is zero.

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