DeHero Blockchain Game Review Related to DeFi and NFT

Md Arif
4 min readJul 20, 2021


Gaming is increasingly becoming a habit among the young and old and you cannot deny that because people tend to get busy with gaming during breaks and leisure time. Statistics have shown that more persons are embracing gaming than in time past and this could be because gaming helps to kill boredom.
The gaming industry is booming in every corner of the globe and this, in turn, has made it an attractive avenue for companies to advertise their products and this also ensures that part of the fund generated by the advertising companies goes to the game developer, their partners or sponsors, and as it is with DeHero, gamers.
This is what has helped DeHero to incentivize gaming. Now you can avoid playing games for just fun but instead earn as you play. This ensures that gamers can do what they do best earning in the process.
DeHero is a GameFi application based on BSC (Binance Smart Chain) and at the same time is decentralized and can be accessed by users by customizing Ethereum nodes. DeHero gaming is based on the history of fighting encounters between Heroes from different epochs. Earning incentives on the DeHero gaming platform is what has made DeHero the perfect platform for gamers who wish to explore the possibility of financial returns associated with gaming.

About the project

DeHero is a GameFi game app powered by the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) platform from the MixMarvel end-to-end platform.
This game will integrate with NFT + DeFi gameplay related to collecting cards.

Stunned how cool!

DeHero is not just a game where you can have fun, but you also have the ability to receive card games with DeFi features and NFT transactions, so the game will have a clear financial logic.
In this game, NFTs will operate using the BEP-721 protocol.

In DeHero, players will be able to randomly receive NFTs with heroes by purchasing packets of cards with closed boxes, while placing bets on FT assets and thereby providing liquidity.
Each hero will have their own rarity, which will be indicated by a color from white to gold and will have a value from low to high. The higher the speed, the greater the combat capability.

Qualities such as card number, combat capability and quality will determine the value of the NFT itself. With the help of NFT data, the player will be able to participate in the mining of cards and other things, thereby increasing the efficiency of his own mining and getting more income from the game.

But on this I would like to end this article, since the game and the MixMarvel platform itself are very interesting, but in order to describe all the advantages, you will have to highlight a lot of text.
In conclusion, I want to say that the technology for introducing games into the blockchain environment is undoubtedly cool, especially NFTs will be able to interact with games, thanks to a unique NFT, you can confirm ownership and authenticity and prove that NFT belongs only to you. But you can also sell, buy and exchange NFTs between parties.

How DeHero Works

To play DeHero you will need appropriate training as well as the right strategies to always come out on top of every fighting encounter. However, you require a Binance eco chain wallet which will in turn act as your mining fee.

How to Earn on DeHero

Earning on the DeHero gaming platform can be done in several ways and they include;
Trading your NFT cards with other users in the game. It must, however, be noted that NFT cards are non-fungible and so do not have the same value. This implies that there is no value set as the benchmark for trading NFT cards by DeHero.
In-game purchase; in-game purchase can be done through the store on the DeHero platform.
Donation of NFT cards. It is noteworthy to state that cards earned on the platform can be donated. This implies that the NFT cards earned by you are under your control and you can choose to donate some to your friends.
Another way to earn on this platform is via staking. Staking allows its users to earn cards that can be unboxed to reveal the treasure or treasures won and these treasures can, in turn, be traded in the market.


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