DeHero — A BSC-based The Brand New NFT+DeFi Game

  1. DeHero has created a pricing mechanism that allows tokens to assign NFT prices.
  2. When each NFT card is minted, the corresponding number of tokens — Fungible Tokens — will be locked into the card. Therefore, NFT cards are fundamentally different from other digital collectibles NFTs and artwork NFTs.
  3. The native blockchain assets, NFT cards use FTs as the base value, ensuring the stability of NFT assets’ value.
  4. In this way, these NFTs with basic prices can better link with DeFi. They might even become the new high-quality assets of NFT-based mortgage lending, NFTEX, and other DeFi protocols.
  5. When NFT itself becomes a high-quality asset and generates more revenue through the multiple gameplay designed by DeHero, its liquidity is guaranteed.
  6. NFT can expand more application scenarios, such as increasing game plays like NFT card battles and opening DAO community governance

DeHero Card: New Assets in NFT+DeFi Mode

  • DeHero core gameplay : integrating game and financial functions
    In the DeHero game, players can randomly obtain NFT cards of heroes in the game by purchasing blind box NFT card packs, pledge FT assets, and provide liquidity.
  • The cards of each hero character are divided into six quality levels, from low to high : white, green, blue, purple, orange, and gold. The higher the card quality, the higher the corresponding combat power. The number, quality, combat power, and the number of tokens contained in the card determine the value of the NFT card. After obtaining NFT cards, players can participate in card mining, formulate mining strategies based on game rules, improve mining efficiency, and obtain more game revenue.

How To Get NFT?

Buy Blind Box NFT Card Pack

Buy directly in the trading market

How to circulate NFT cards

NFT card mining

  • NFT card combat power : Each NFT card has its own quality, and the quality corresponds to the combat power value. The quality of NFT cards is divided into white, green, blue, purple, orange, and gold. The experience value corresponding to different qualities is different;
  • NFT card combination bonus : When multiple specific cards are placed in the card book at the same time, they will form a combination, and the card combat power in the combination will be added;
  • NFT card book total combat power : The sum of the combat power of each NFT card that has been placed in the card book, multiplied by the number of cards in the collection, is the total combat power of the card book.

DeHero’s recent planning

Concluding remarks



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