DuCoin- A Meme Based Frictionless Ecosystem with an Endless Rewarding System &Tokenomics For Holders Loyalty

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6 min readJun 23, 2021

Background of the project

In recent years, the cryptocurrency market has risen dramatically. All of this is inextricably linked to the support and dedication of numerous individuals, teams, and platforms who are working together to make the crypto world a better place. The DeFi protocol, often known as decentralized finance, is a collection of blockchain-based decentralized financial apps supporting a variety of cryptocurrencies. This protocol provides a variety of options, including as swap, stake, yield farm, lend or borrow, launchpad, and others, that allow users to maximize their investment returns, exchange crypto, and do other things. DeFi is fairly popular among worldwide crypto users due to the services it provides, and DiToken doesn’t want to miss out on providing a coin that may supply users with passive income. The major feature of DiToken is that “8% of all transactions are distributed promptly among holders,” which means that token holders will receive daily incentives merely for holding the token.
The DeFi sector has risen dramatically in recent months when Binance released their chain technology, Binance Smart Chain. Many platforms have begun to integrate the DeFi protocol into their platforms since BSC, allowing them to deploy DeFi solutions rapidly, securely, and at a cheap cost. Given the benefits of BSC, DiToken has decided to launch a BSC-based cryptocurrency that would give token holders with daily passive income. DiToken will allocate 8% of all transactions to token holders in a fair and transparent manner. DiToken will be delivered straight to holders’ digital wallets. It’s that simple.Because users will be rewarded based on the magnitude of their engagement, the more tokens a token holder has, the more benefits they will receive. DiToken also intends to automatically send a percentage of every transaction rewards to the liquidity wallet in order to ensure DiToken’s price stability and long-term viability.

Introduction to Duicoin

The Dui coin is a meme coin based on an animal named Dui. The Hybrid Meme coin is the first of its kind. Dui is a hybrid animal that combines the characteristics of a dog and a cat. It has incredible characteristics, as it resembles a cat for the most part yet behaves like a dog. It is a one-of-a-kind animal that has attracted and entertained many people. It’s the most unique crypto animal in the business, and it was created to take advantage of Binance’s Smart Chain. Dui coin currently has over four thousand token holders and has locked liquidity. Dui currency has a large group of supporters, including many crypto enthusiasts. There are currently up to thirty thousand members in the Telegram group.

Charity donations and passive income generation using Dui Coin

  • Dui Coin Charity Donation

The core team has proposed that a portion of the profit earned from the 8% transaction fee be donated to charity once a month. This will recommend that the charity wallet allocation be increased on a regular basis. The community will choose institutions that care for cats and dogs once a month, and a portion of the passive money earned will go towards their welfare. The Deliveries purchased will be recorded, and the entire Dui coin community will be able to observe the good deeds. This is a great idea because it will raise knowledge about the Dui coin project, attracting new investors and increasing the digital asset’s entire market capitalization.

  • Dui Coin Passive income generation via customer loyalty

The Dui coin project’s core team built the asset in such a way that every transaction made in the Dui coin ecosystem via the Binance Smart Chain produces an 8% fee. The liquidity pool will receive 4% of the funds, while the remaining 4% will be distributed among token holders as a passive source of income. Customers are rewarded for their continued patronage. Loyalty to the company and to their Dui currency tokens, which helps to facilitate the network. As a result, the more Dui coin tokens a holder owns, the greater allocation from the dispersed 4% he or she will get. This is a unique approach from the core team, and it is one that every investor should be a part of. This is a critical source of revenue in the current epoch, one that can be used as a passive or active source of income, depending on the circumstances. Get some Dui coins right now!

The currency has unique characteristics that are thought to propel its growth for the benefit of all Duicoin users. For the pricing of digital assets on the network, Duicoin provides incredible value. In addition, customers will receive a 2.5 percent token reward transferred to their liquidity wallet.

  • Scarcity

Duicoin aspires to be a rare coin that adds value to available tokens and the wallets of its users. This will be accomplished by a burning process that will send 3% of the total supply to the burn wallet. To prevent large dumping by big bag investors, the Duicoin team will direct all token holders to conduct transactions that are at least 0.5 percent of the available supply.

  • Price commision

This characteristic is referred to as “empowerment.” It will prevent a sharp drop in value, keeping the value within a repurchaseable range so that the coin can be repurchased, sold, and reinvested. Because of the adoption of a reward scheme that distributes a percentage of all transactions done to the wallet of holders, Duicoin ensures profit for all of its devoted holders. Surprisingly, when users complete transactions, the benefits increase.

  • Arts and Meme marketplace

This function allows artists to showcase their work in the digital marketplace by employing memes. Here, art collectors can access an endless number of works from the art collection section, as well as exclusive offers from the company’s clients. These discounts are also open to new customers, who can benefit from them.

  • Liquidity pools

Due to the implementation of a reward system that distributes a proportion of all transactions to the wallets of holders, Duicoin ensures a profit for all of its faithful holders. Surprisingly, the benefits increase with each transaction performed.

  • Part of income for pets

The goal here is on ensuring that pets all over the world are cared for and provided for by donating 3% of the generated income to a pet animal charity.

Listed exchanges and upcoming listings

Dui coin has been listed and is presently trading on Pancakeswap. It is suggested to purchase the token now, since the price will skyrocket in the near future. The coin has been purchased by a large number of Whale investors, and the price has remained consistent as a result of multiple investors keeping their tokens.


Token Name: DUI COIN


Token Maximum Supply: 3 Trillion

Contract Address: 0x8943b6d1677a4addbe5aa58f429e11e856746fba


Getting passive income is a lot of fun, especially because we can earn passive income merely by holding a few cryptocurrencies, which can help our financial situation, which is really interesting and excellent. And DiToken is here as a cryptocurrency that will provide token holders with a daily passive income. DiToken will distribute 8% of all transactions to token holders in a fair and transparent manner, with token holders receiving rewards based on the size of their participation. DiToken is a deflationary token with liquidity and a burning mechanism that allows it to grow, sustain, and maintain its price stability even higher.

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