Create the Path to Make Exclusive Income with Goldmine

Md Arif
3 min readJun 19, 2021

The Goldmine Network aims to create a decentralized ecosystem in the Binance smart chain universe. Decentralized finance is a protocol that allows people to build decentralized financial applications based on the Ethereum blockchain. Usually, the DeFi platform provides various features which allow people to maximize their profit, such as a stake, swap, lend/borrow, etc.

GoldMine Network

GoldMine Network is the native token of GMNE Coin Finance. It is an Etherum based token. GMNE COIN is an asset-backed token that gives its holders ownership of pure gold which can be traded all over the world. The GoldMine Network will be traded on Etherum and Bitcoin blockchain, this authenticates its ownership and guarantees its traceability. This enhances its liquidity and trading.


GoldMine Network is one of the results of the development of blockchain technology that has experienced good performance and excellent ideas based on a system that directly opens up opportunities for investors to be more open with symbolic investments. GMNE Coin is the most complete investment ecosystem operating on the Binance Smart Chain. Being one of the first platform platforms to be generated, this company wants to realize and help investors to worry more about the economic weakness that many are suffering in the world in the concept of mutual assistance as an investment that can be exchanged by registered users in this blockchain.


Unlimited earnings with ever-increasing rates

GMNE network provides conditions for receiving passive income with a growing percentage depending on the base interest rate, bonus on the total balance of the smart contract, and personal withholding bonus. All this is possible thanks to the implementation of Defi options and integration with the Marketplace.

Reliability of GMNE smart contracts

All smart contracts deployed on the Goldmine Network platform ensure the complete safety of the funds of all participants.No one can steal funds or change contract data.

Decentralized Ecosystem

Through the ecosystem, the GMNE token will continue to grow without limits.


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Pre-Sale Details

● Soft-Cap: 20 BNB

● Hard-Cap: 50 BNB

● Presale Price: 4,000,000/BNB

● Listing Price: 500,000/BNB

● Min/Max for Buy in Presale: 0.1- 10 BNB


● Total Supply: 990,862,728.58

● GMNE Holders: 28 addresses

● Transfers: 32

● Decimals: 8

Goldmine is a precious metal to man. Its usefulness and importance have been hatched in the history of man. It has been a store of wealth for man for a very long time. In the olden days, the wealth of a man was determined by the quantity of gold he has. This is the product of our imagination, and we are going to make it the product of yours, through the creation of a new virtual world based on total immersion, equipped with its economy, its own set of rules and anchored in ironclad democratic principles, The Deep will be the first virtual world in which you will be able to let your imagination roam freely and shape the world you see through a series of building blocks.

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