Bsctrust — A Defi Platform On Binance Smart Chain For Efficient And Effective Financial Assistance

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6 min readJun 6, 2021

Blockchain technology has the ability to change the way people communicate in the business world. By providing an open, accessible, and transborder, versatile-mode, digital marketing network that can work as a one-stop-shop platform, blockchain technology may function as a link between companies and consumers. As it is consumer-friendly, safe, plus enables lower interchange fees, cryptocurrency may be the best digital property for investing. It is the most important factor in the financial industry, and it’s seen to be a barrier-breaker in financial interchanges all over the world. By using blockchain, cryptocurrencies have created a decentralized, transparent system. BSCTrust intends to overcome the fraud problem by guaranteeing initial access to spend on low-cap gems having enormous potential on the Binance Smart Chain network to its users.

Bricks Estate With BSCTrust

BricksEstate is a joint blockchain initiative that will provide buyers access to a wide range of real estates and assets via fractional ownership, allowing them to participate in the ever-developing real estate business. It has a partnership with BSCTrust.

Goals And Work Of Bricks Estate

BricksEstate intends to provide users with a reliable database of market information, allowing groups who don’t recognize one another to execute a transaction and believe that the vendor has actual possession of the property, using both the blockchain unchangeable ledger and NFT ownership certificate.

● In the BricksEstate system, cryptocurrency may be utilized as a method of payment, enabling speedier transactions. The BricksEstate NFT Marketplace also will improve property rights transfer availability by removing location constraints.

● It offers irreversible asset information management, allowing users to digitalized register titles here on blockchain.

● Market participants will be protected against interchange scams by using BricksEstate.

● This platform assures fair commission charge.

Binance Smart Chain or BSC for short has become one of Ethereum’s strongest competitors in 2021. Before learning what Binance Smart Chain has to offer, it is important to understand that this BSC is different from Binance Chain. Binance Chain was launched in April 2019 with a primary focus on facilitating fast and decentralized trading. In doing so, it has to make some features regarding the operation of the system.

Due to the limitations of these options, Binance Chain does not have much flexibility as it becomes clear that trying to run smart contracts in a system optimized for fast trading will make the network significantly congested. Binance Chain needs to evolve to handle requests from multiple users and that’s where the idea for the Binance Smart Chain came from.

What will happen if you get a platform where you will benefit from every transaction? Isn’t that interesting? Yes, of course, let’s introduce the platform that you will embrace to get the most from. BSCTrust is a frictionless yield protocol that allows holders to earn rewards from every transaction in the ecosystem; it also integrates a Decentralized Launchpad system and many other features. This remarkably marks a breakthrough in the digital age. You too are taking part in this confusing project and are witness to all opportunities.

Why would you choose BSCTrust?
Each transaction will reward you with BSCTrust, allowing you to invest more and more. It also includes a Decentralized Launchpad system as well as several other features. It runs on the Binance Smart Chain, which supports the BEP-20 token standard, identical to Ethereum’s ERC-20 token standard. Binance Chain, on the other hand, supports the BEP-2 token standard. BEP20 is a developer-friendly token standard that allows anyone to create an equivalent digital currency or token using the Binance Smart Chain. In addition, leading digital assets in BEP20 tokens pegged on other chains can be transferred to the Binance Smart Chain.
Token details

  • Token Name: BSCTrust
  • Total Supply: 2,000,000 BSCTrust
  • Holders: 276 addresses
  • Contract: 0x0684ffcc67792c50fdc303813c7b0c00d6aa6b99
  • Decimal: 18

Initial DEX Offer on BSCtrust
The IDO platform is BSCTrust. You can get first-rate high-quality low-cap gems and free NFTs for top shareholders with BSCTrust. A new and exciting type of decentralized crowdfunding platform, the initial DEX offering or IDO, opens up new methods for raising funds in the crypto space.

BSCTrust BCharts Launchpad Platform
BCharts is a computer-based analytical visualization tool that provides currency traders with decentralized exchange trading analysis. This software utility generates interactive price charts for various currency pairs and technical indicators and overlays to assist traders in real-time tracking of market movements and detecting trend lines to analyze trading data patterns. In today’s world of finance and decentralized exchanges, the ability to evaluate trends in trading data is critical to trader performance, especially for those who trade frequently. The goal of bCharts is to address two critical flaws in the existing charting tools for the Binance Smart Chain network.

  • Real time data
  • Access fee

Service from BCharts
Every day, BCharts provides the standard and core of trading information, as well as additional capabilities:

  • Dex Aggregation: BCharts pools liquidity from multiple DEXs to provide users with a better token exchange rate than they would find on any single DEX.
  • Bots: Traders can design unique trading methods for maximum profit using the BChart external API.
  • Real-time data and charts: This tool allows you to follow the best pairs with real-time charts and deals, add your pairs to favorites, and do a lot more.

How does the BSCTrust system work?
As we all know, that in the financial industry space or decentralized cryptocurrency, Investors fall victim to tapestries or various types of scams, which makes it a daunting task in finding solid low-capacity gems to invest in early. Therefore, BSCTrust aims to solve this problem by providing guaranteed access to its holders to invest early in high-potential low-cap gems in the Binance Smart Chain network.

About Tokenomic BSCTrust
BSCTrust is a frictionless yield protocol that allows holders to collect rewards from every transaction that takes place in the ecosystem, also uniquely combines it with the Decentralized Launchpad system and more. and this is one of the unique features of the BSCTrust Decentralized platform. because anyone involved in it is automatically entitled to get additional BSCTrust prizes from the platform.

Binance Smart Chain Launchpad

  • (Liquidity and Team TOken keys for BSC)
    NFT gift

Initial Decentralized Bidding ist eine Fundraising-Methode, die eine bessere Liquidität von Krypto-Assets, einen schnelleren, offenen und fairen Handel über eine dezentrale Liquiditätsaustauschplattform bietet. IDO bietet eine bessere Fundraising-Methode als andere Fundraising-Methoden. Und BSCTrust ist eine dezentrale Startrampe, die auf der Binance Smart Chain aufbaut und es Benutzern ermöglicht, auf eine breite Palette innovativer und potenzieller Kryptoprojekte zuzugreifen. Um teilnehmen zu können, müssen Benutzer den BSCTRUST-Token einsetzen und erhalten Zugriff auf verschiedene Funktionen sowie Belohnungen für ihre Teilnahme.

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