BASED REWARD TOKEN(Defi): Connecting Cryptocurrency and Businesses at a spot For High Rewards and Investment Opportunities

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The future of other important fields, including science, medicine, agriculture, industry, and almost every other field, depends on education in this country. Blockchain technology is gaining increasing interest in many industries and universities around the world. Blockchain, a relatively recent innovation in computer science, is a global technology that is predicted to drive global economic growth for decades to come. Despite significant advances in robotics, the Internet, and information technology, human resources are still the most valuable resource for the development of any country, and due to the rapid growth of blockchain technology in the world and the high demand for blockchain specialists in the world, use blockchain for storing data related to assessment tests, registration and presentation of diplomas and certificates, confirmation of student transfer, and student exchange. Universities have always been a place of research, innovation, creativity, the introduction of new technologies and resources to create great ideas. There are also valuable and good interactions and links between universities around the world for the transfer of value. The study of the growth trend in the sphere of education in the world also shows a significant increase in activity in this sphere. Paying attention to these points indicates the existence of a suitable platform with the potential to propose new blockchain-based solutions in this area and confirms the idea that universities, schools, and educational centers, as well as systems in general, the area of ​​education and training can be invested in as a suitable place to build the largest social network, internet network and, in fact, a large-scale ecosystem for creating tokens.

The new project and the name of the project are Base Reward. Recently We come to know about it and it’s really popular In recent times in Bitcoin Talk. It’s really glad to know such a project comes with huge potential.

About The Project

Base reward token as a smart and cutting edge DeFi based reward ecosystem is indeed a smartchain based cryprocurrency project that has integrated the system of customers loyalty as a core value. Base reward system thought about the way by which customers can get rewarded in the best way, which is why they came on board with this new idea. As a crypto platform that has combined cryptocurrency, blockchain technology and different businesses in one place and believed in an incentivized system to be the major way at which organizations grow in terms of revenue where by this action benefits the founders, board members, shareholders and employees in return, this platform has incorporated a system of rewarding customers, this platform has since inception redefines a way at which customers get rewarded for their Loyalty through earning cryptocurrency on every transactions made online while shopping, staking , trading or using other cryptocurrencies. Recognizing this potential, we at Base reward token team have assembled a professional team of budding entrepreneurs and seasoned investors to create an all-encompassing blockchain trading platform. Since cryptocurrency is designed for mainstream adoption, our platform will be a stop-shop for clients that intend to earn huge returns on investment. Credit system create a user-friendly system that incorporates both traditional markets and the blockchain based assets.


Being significant for an affiliation, association, gathering, neighborhood, even a minority bundle out and out structures us. While relating to associations ( producers ) and Consumers ( remove customers ) fellowships, the end customers scarcely feel like they have a spot, due to their reliability not being redressed and routinely are not considered during dynamic. In the present circumstance, the affiliation’s advancement benefits the originators, board people, financial backers, and agents. nevertheless, imagine creating with an association, with each trade, each purchase, and each online spending benefitting you as a purchaser ?


What we are significant to belonging, association, gathering, neighborhood, even a minority, structures us. With regard to associations (producers) and consumers (withdrawing customers), end-users hardly feel like they have a place, due to the fact that their reliability is not corrected and is not usually viewed over time. In the current environment, membership promotion benefits creators, board members, financial backers, and agents. However, imagine creating with an association, with every transaction, every purchase, and every expense on the Internet that benefits you as a customer?

🔷Project vision

Build a compelling and efficient decentralized, automated, all-asset economy with stable financial progress, limited blockchain, and computerized cash. Achieving true value.

The UseCase

Regarding this as the aspect that the platform relied on for the growth of the project. Through the usecase, this allows the ecosystem to perform the function of product and services payment, and this transactions are confidentially made in a secured and transparent manner.

The Currency Of The Ecosystem :- Since BRT is the native token of the platform, this currency will majorly and smoothly run most of the transactions made on this platform

Limited Token Supply :- It’s pre-planned by the Base Reward Team that there won’t be any additional minting coming up ever while 12 million BRT will be the total supply.

Right To Voting:- Since voting is another way to which project development takes place, platform users, investors and token holders , everyone has the right to vote for newer services wanted in the ecosystem for improvement.

Cryptocurrency is a fundamental digital currency that is secured by cryptography, which makes it nearly impossible for any transaction to be counterfeited. Thus,a decentralized network based on blockchain technology.

Therefore, Base Reward Token established under the auspices of DeFi strives at reinventing the way customers get rewarded for their commitment by earning cryptocurrency on every transaction made online while shopping, trading, staking or using other cryptos.

The notion is to combine cryptocurrency, blockchain technology and different businesses in one place so as to get users awarded for their loyalty and become stakeholders that share in revenue and participate in decision making as “ Base Reward Token Holder “.

This will stimulate users to spend without bothering being negatively affected. Also, opportunities are opened for the user portfolio, growing along with the platform as well as participating in the decision-making process. The ecosystem growth benefits all users, with every transaction, every purchase, and every online service.

However, the ECOSYSTEM, which is a network imbedded into the family of Base Reward ecosystem has been incorporated to expand its services across the whole world without any form of hindrances. The launch services will enhance the beta version of the system as it is continuously monitored and upgraded until 100% functionality of the desired product is achieved. Hence the need for these:

E-COMMERCE PLATFORM which establishes e-commerce and as such makes Africa the most prominent marketplaces where sellers and buyers can easily meet their needs, bids, and engage in secured transactions.While The VISA / MASTER PREPAID CARD SERVICES assures the people of a secure and easy way to purchase and transact online in Africa and globally. The INSTANT EXCHANGER as an AUTOMATIC currency exchanger engages all BRT users in instant swapping between crypto and fiat currencies thereby making payment and remittance easy and possible Finally, the MOBILE GAMING, where musical apps like Spotify, Apple Music, social media, and communications Apps are created and the revenue accruals from the revenue skyrocket and continue to outpace growth accounting for 33% increase of all app downloads, 74% of consumer spend and 10% of all-time paid in-App which signifies an overwhelming increase in the number of future participants.


Based Reward Token(BRT) uniqueness and utilities

Based Reward Token (BRT) is a decentralised token and the digital asset that powers the ecosystem and empowers every user of the ecosystem to transact any business on the ecosystem, decide on the ecosystem, vote, and especially receive any rewards and benefits from the ecosystem. the token can be staked for some months and it will yield an exponential return after some time. The token supply is so limited which will make it to be scarce to increase its market value and it can not be minted. The token will be burning.

Blockchain is a game plan for recording information to such an extent that it becomes problematic or difficult to change, hack or trick the system. Blockchain is essentially a high-level record of transactions that is replicated and distributed across the entire association of computer systems on the blockchain. Each square in the chain contains different transactions, and every time another transaction occurs on the blockchain, a record of that transaction is added to the record of each part. A decentralized information index that is managed by different people is known as distributed ledger technology (DLT).

Base Reward Token Tokenomics :

Token Distribution:

Token Name: Base Reward Token

Token Ticker: BRT

Contract Address: 0xfa87b870e751179bef7dcada8c18fc5ca4a37bb0

Decimal: 18

Token Type: Utility Token

Soft Cap: $ 200,000

Hard Cap: $500,000

Total Supply: 12 million Tokens

Blockchain Technology: Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20)

“Team members “


The natural structure of Base Reward is expected to organize and grow its organizations around the world without any constraints. Upon submission, each aid will be in beta and will be vigorously noticed and reworked until 100% value has been brought to perfect condition.


Roadmap :

For more information About Base Reward Token Project:

White paper:

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