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What is the ApeZone?

We are happy to formally launch the ApeZone as part of our ongoing commitment to introduce new projects, new couples & new farms to the ApeSwap.Finance ecosystem. This ApeZone is intended to provide the native $BANANA coin more usefulness, act as a launch pad for innovative new initiatives, and increase community interaction. On ApeSwap, new high yield farms and pools appear on a regular basis. Providing a launching platform for new Binance Smart Chain initiatives $BANANA’s functionality and use cases are being expanded.

ApeZone pools and farms will be marked with a little “ApeZone” tag for the time being (see photo). This indicates that this project and pool have been accepted into the ApeZone. Over time, the ApeZone will expand to the point that it will most likely have its own section on ApeSwap.Finance. So stay tuned for further information!

APOyield — the First Member of the ApeZone!

With its tokens SOUL and DSL, APOyield is a deflationary yield product on the Binance Smart Chain. APOyield works by charging a total of 10% charge on each transaction, of which 8% is instantaneously distributed among all token holders and the remaining 2% is utilized to reduce the overall supply of SOUL. As a result, the APOyield smart contract lets holders of SOUL tokens to earn extra tokens just by keeping them. Check out their docs for additional information.The following is a list of what the relationship entails:
ApeSwap will introduce three new trading pairs: SOUL-BANANA, SOUL-BNB, and SOUL-BUSD.A new pool for SOUL-BANANA LP tokens will be created, including SOUL rewards.
The ApeZone is full with memes, community participation, and amusing behavior. Keep an eye out for contest details!
It’s easy to get engaged if you’re a BANANA-wielding ape. All you have to do now is obtain SOUL through one of the trade pairings. Start giving liquidity and stake those LPs to start generating SOUL!PLEASE NOTE: Because SOUL is a reflect token, each transaction (such as a harvest or liquidity provision) will incur a 10% transaction fee, with a portion of that charge going to SOUL holders. This also implies that in order to acquire SOUL from our DEX, you must boost slippage beyond 10%!

Features Of Apeswap

The exchange is the main feature, which lets users to switch tokens and earn BANANA. There are costs to consider with all exchanges. Every token swap incurs a 0.3 percent BNB swap cost, with 0.05 percent of the charge going to the developer wallet. The remainder is returned to the community .Because ApeSwap is based on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network, users must have a BSC-compatible wallet, such as Metamask, in order to utilize it. ApeSwap’s main purpose is to give users with a token exchanging, staking, and pooling platform similar to Ethereum’s Uniswap platform, but using BANANA tokens as a reward for user participation.Because ApeSwap is based on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network, users must have a BSC-compatible wallet, such as Metamask, in order to utilize it. ApeSwap’s main purpose is to give users with a token exchanging, staking, and pooling platform similar to Ethereum’s Uniswap platform, but using BANANA tokens as a reward for user participation.

More about Banana..

Last month, the BANANA/CAKE liquidity pool was launched, with $BANANA incentives provided to help bootstrap liquidity. The code was audited by BSC Gemz, and no obvious vulnerabilities were discovered. To assure even more security, the team is presently working on another audit. CertiK, one of the most reputable auditing firms, is now conducting this audit.Apeswap has risen to the top of the DeFi yield audit list in a hurry. This project’s progress has not stalled, and innovation is still on the horizon. ApeSwaps’ validity and reputation are further bolstered by recent agreements with industry-leading platforms. As the team grows, they want to become the best AMM and yield farming dapp on the BSC.

Apeswap recently teamed up with Bakeryswap, a top AMM on the BSC network. BakerySwap was one of the first companies to join the BSC network, offering NFTs, farms, and other services. Apeswap users now have access to some of these materials thanks to our collaboration.Mutual pools, farming, and a meme competition are all part of the relationship. Users will be able to earn prizes in the pools by playing BANANA and BAKE. The pools will have an 8x multiplier, making it one of the most notable yielding pairings on the ApeSwap platform. This collaboration also resulted in an NFT meme competition that finished on March 2nd, with 10 winners.Recently, the team established a cooperation with Beefy.Finance, one of the largest yield aggregators. The BANANA-BNB and BANANA-BUSD ApeSwap vaults are part of this relationship. Through regular and automated compounding, BANANA holders may earn even more incentives in these vaults.In order to boost incentives even more, the teams have announced additional BANANA awards in addition to the default yield. This implies that, in addition to the LP awards, users will soon be able to earn additional BANANA. These further incentives are yet to be disclosed, so keep an eye on the Beefy and ApeSwap social media pages for updates.


With ApeSwap is numerous features, such as staking, yield farming, others & everyone can optimize their benefit. Users are not restricted; anyone can compete in a stake, pool, and win $ BANANA on ApeSwap. ApeSwap has the following features:

Farms: ApeSwap’s BANANA token farms encourage users to increase their returns on investment. Users will be rewarded with BANANA tokens, which will be allocated equally to all members.

Pools: If users want to maximize their returns, they should enter ApeSwap’s pools and earn more BANANA tokens.

ApeSwap offers an exchange network that helps users to trade their tokens for a price of just 0.3 percent. The dev wallet would receive 0.05 percent of the swap bill, with the remainder going to the pool.

Initial Ape Offerings (IAO): Similar to IEO, IAO is a funding forum for new tokens that also provides liquidity to certain tokens. Any consumer who wishes to participate in this platform must first obtain BANANA-BNB LP tokens.

Lottery: ApeSwap also offers a lottery platform for users to try their luck. ApeSwap charges just 10 BANANA for a single ticket.


ApeSwap is a DeFi platform with native tokens. These tokens, known as BANANA tokens, can power the platform. The BANANA token is built on the Binance BEP-20 protocol and has a cumulative supply of 22,220,050.505542 BANANA with a burn mechanism. These tokens can be obtained by users via available exchanges

Banana is a Decentralized Exchange and a conglomerate of an Automated Market Maker, Yield Farming, and Staking platform running on Binance Smart Chain.


Created to reward hardened Apes in the ApeSwap jungle, the Golden Banana is the scepter of acceptance into the top echelon.

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