A New Ethereum Token Standard and Dapp on Mocktail Platform

Md Arif
6 min readMay 28, 2021


ERC-20 is a token that has had a significant development on the Ethereum blockchain. Many platforms issue their tokens based on the Ethereum ERC-20. This is because Ethereum is the largest and most well-established, open-ended decentralized software platform. So that many platforms are adopting the Ethereum blockchain. Along with the development of Ethereum, several types of tokens began to appear such as ERC-1155. ERC-1155 is “The Final Token Standard on Ethereum” which allows a single smart contract to govern an infinite number of tokens.

And Mocktail is the world’s first ERC-1155 standard Semi-Fungible Token built on the Binance Smart Chain. But it’s not just an ERC-1155 token, Mocktail is also an AMM protocol and swap platform that allows users to access various decentralized financial services, enabling them to maximize their profit on the cryptocurrency market.

ERC-1155 and Dapp on Mocktail

Imagine when you have a vending machine that can issue various products. This vending machine can be seen as ERC-1155, which will act as a standard interface for contracts that manage multiple token types. If with Erc-20 we need a new smart contract to deploy each new class of a token, then with ERC-1155, a single smart contract can manage multiple tokens at once, whether it’s fungible tokens, non-fungible tokens, or others. So that ERC-1155 is claimed to be more flexible than protocols such as ERC-20 or ERC-721.

Mocktail comes as a platform that adopts the ERC-1155 standard Semi-Fungible Token. By adopting ERC-1155, the Mocktail token will be a catalyst that will support Mocktail Swap. The Token Mocktail was developed on the Binance Smart Chain, which is known as the newest Ethereum-based blockchain protocol which has the speed, security, low fees, and great ecosystem compared to the traditional Ethereum platform.

Mocktail not only features the ERC-1155 token but also acts as an AMM protocol allowing people to access multi-strategy yield optimizing on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) with low fees/slippage. This allows the user to get the maximum return.

The mocktail will also be a decentralized swap solution built on the BSC platform. Allows users to access a secure and fast swap platform.

Mocktail Features

Mocktail is a platform that allows users to access various decentralized finance features built into the binance smart chain. With Mocktail Finance, users can maximize their profit with a multi-yield strategy optimizing the BSC. Or swap tokens on the Mocktail Swap platform with low fees. This is a new ethereum token standard and Dapp built on the Binance Smart Chain.

Following are Mocktail features:

ERC-1155 token standard: Mocktail Token based on ERC-1155 standard Semi-Fungible Token built on Binance Smart Chain. And it is the first ERC-1155 token built on the Binance Smart Chain.
Swapping: Mocktail allows users to swap their tokens for other tokens with low fees.
Farming: Users can earn crypto by lending their tokens to others via smart contracts.
Liquidity: Users can participate by becoming a liquidator and get rewards according to their participation.
Staking: Allows users to stake their tokens and earn rewards according to their participation.

MocktailSwap is an Automated Market Maker (AMM) that incorporates multi-strategy yield optimization. This is done because this protocol wants to offer its users a wide range of opportunities to make money from cryptocurrency trading.

This article walks you through the different aspects of this multi-tier protocol on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC)


The challenge of insufficient liquidity in cryptocurrency trading platforms has been tackled on MocktailSwap. This is possible because of the variety of strategies the protocol uses to aggregate liquidity.

For example, it sources liquidity mainly be rewarding Liquidity Providers (LPs). The concept is that when the Liquidity Providers (LPs) contribute their crypto tokens, liquidity will be obtained. The same will be used to maximize the speedy transactions and fully decentralized payment system that MocktailSwap promises to offer.


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Trading cryptocurrencies presents you with a wide range of tolls for financial independence. MocktailSwap does it better via the Multi-Strategy Yield Optimization that allows the users and holders of the Mocktail Token (MOK) to earn more money.

In the future, MocktailSwap will become a standard of what a decentralized financial platform should be like.

Similarly, the Multi-Strategy Yield works in many ways, such as allowing the users and token holders to stake their crypto tokens on the MocktailSwap liquidity pool. The idea is to create additional liquidity, while rewarding the Liquidity Providers (LPs) with crypto tokens for their efforts.


If there is one feature that cannot be ruled out of cryptocurrency payments, it is the speed of confirming transactions. This is something traditional financial platforms have failed to achieve.

In light of that, MocktailSwap takes the bull by the horns by offering faster block validity. This is only made possible when a group of coin holders (also called Liquidity Providers), merge their crypto-assets.

It is by so doing that those coin holders will have more funds to contribute to the liquidity pool. The concept behind all those is that blocks will be validated in real-time, because MocktailSwap empowers those who will validate the blocks.


Swapping simply means the changing of one crypto token for another. This is done for several reasons, such as allowing the crypto token holders to swap to their favorite crypto tokens.

This feature also empowers the Liquidity Providers (LPs), because their inputs are one of the factors that contribute to the growth of the MocktailSwap ecosystem.


Many cryptocurrency traders are following the trend of Non-Fungible Tokens (SFTs) without paying attention to the latest — the Semi-Fungible Tokens (SFTs).

Being a Liquidity Provider (LP) in this case, means that you will be among the first to farm and buy the Semi-Fungible Tokens (SFPs)


Necessity births more innovations. Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have had a good run. It is now to consider the next project with awesome potentials.

That project is Semi-Fungible Tokens (SFTs). I understand that this new project will overhaul many things that are either not working or are not working as they should in the cryptocurrency industry.

To Conclude

ERC-1155 is a new Ethereum token standard built-in 2018 which is intended to be a standard interface for contracts that manage multiple token types. ERC-1155 allows one smart contract to govern an infinite number of tokens. And Mocktail comes as a platform that takes the ERC-1155 and builds on the Binance Smart Chain. This makes Mocktail the first platform to develop the ERC-1155 on BSC. Mocktail is not just an ERC-1155 token but also a Dapp built on the Binance Smart Chain. Enables users to be able to access various decentralized financial services more safely, quickly, and with low fees.

MocktailSwap Finance is an AMM protocol that combines revenue optimization with multiple strategies for the low-cost Binance Smart Chain (BSC), which also allows aggregation via vault compounding, lending and revenue gain for maximum returns. MocktailSwap is a decentralized exchange solution for the Binance Smart Chain.


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