A decentralised fair betting platform built on Binance Smart Chain.

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Over the centuries, Gambling / Betting has proven to be very flexible and adaptive to innovation, the development of games with online betting in today’s times is very rapid. And in the world of betting, of course the exchange of value is paramount after the game itself. Betting applications developed on certain platforms will be very efficient, especially on platforms that are able to process transactions quickly and at low fees such as a decentralized fair betting platform built on the Binance Smart Chain.

Betting based on the Binance Smart Chain Platform is very efficient, because starting from the process of depositing, betting, and withdrawing bets does not require a human touch, everything runs automatically. When compared to other traditional and online games, of course this betting platform based on the Binance Smart Chain is more efficient, with a high level of efficiency, and for more details, please join the amazing betting platform below …

Getti Bet is a decentralized fair betting platform built on BSC (Binance Smart Chain). Supported by our SafeGetti utility token. Earn 5% of all transaction fees and many more bonuses! In the near future, the developer of this token will release three games where you can make money. The first head and tail game, where you need to guess how the coins will fall, the winnings, if the situation is right, will be your 1.98 betting odds. Pretty good chance to try your luck. However, be careful because gambling is not a good business to make money. There is a risk of losing it. Therefore, always control your emotions. And everything will be fine.

The second game to be launched by Getti Bet will be called the Dice Roll. You have to roll the dice, and as you know, there are six numbers on the side of the dice, from 1 to 6. And the task is to guess which side, and therefore the number will fall on the dice. The win in the lucky combination of situations will be 1 in 5.96. That’s a decent amount if you put 100 dollars in. The winnings will be almost $ 600. Also the third game is called two dice. Just like the second. But in this game it’s not just one cube but two cubes. And the win rate is, guess what? A total of 1 in 35.64. Almost like roulette. There are bets on numbers 1 to 36. But again, guessing the number of two dice is not easy.

The developers are planning to burn 70% of their tokens, of course this will happen over time. But knowing this information, you can analyze and understand that with such actions the price of the SafeGetti token will only grow. And this is a big plus for investors looking to invest in this crypto coin. Moreover, this company’s idea is unique. No one has yet created a token for such a game. Where token holders and ordinary players who decide to play their game can earn income. A total of 1,000,000,000,000,000 quadrillion coins will be issued, wallet scan address 0xee92a0e9adcecca4530fa32927168ac761403b58

The platform on which the tokens are created is called Unicrypt, it is a very reliable and popular platform. It is used by many developers who want their token to be fast and decentralized. There is an audit, and we would also like to note that this token is tied to Pancekeswap, whereby anyone who has a wallet associated with this platform can purchase SafeGetti tokens from Getti Bet. To buy coins on Pankekeswap, simply download a chrome extension like metamask, tronlink, or bnb extension from binance. And use all the features suggested from this site. Buy and sell coins, or keep them for a long time.

Play games from Getty Bet and stand a chance to win huge amounts of money. And we also remind you that more than half the tokens from the company’s winnings are automatically burned. They didn’t take full victory. This is a huge plus for creators and developers alike. We recommend this cryptocurrency for those who like to play games for money, or for investors who want to buy coins at the best prices. The pre-sale will start soon. Stay tuned for updates on the project’s official website.

Three Games Launching Soon!

  1. Coinflip:
    Heads or tails, 50/50 chance of winning, each bet pays the winner 1.98x their stake.
  2. Roll a Dice:
    Bet on numbers 1–6, winning bet pays 5.96x the stake.
  3. Two Dice:
    Bet on any 2–12 numbers, winning bets pay 35.64x the stake.

Learn more about SafeGetti Token
70% Burn
We have sent 70% SafeGetti tokens to the black hole forever. This burn wallet also has a fee which means the supply continues to decrease with every transaction!

Fully Audited
When we launch a pre-sale, we will be fully Audited so investors can invest in peace!

Ownership Revoked
We will relinquish ownership after our pre-sale ends, to give the community confidence that no more smart contract token changes can be made!

Locked LP Tokens
We will lock up liquidity pool (LP) tokens for 256 Years with Unicrypt! Provide strength and trust back to the community and investors.

Decentralized fair betting platform built on Binance Smart Chain
Launchpad AMM: PancakeswapV2
Contract address: 0xEe92A0E9AdcecCA4530Fa32927168ac761403b58

Unique SafeGetti Tokens
Learn more about the SafeGetti pre-sale mechanism

Liquidity Lockout Rate: 50% BNB increases liquidity lockout
time : 265 years
Initial Price: 248,750,000,000 SafeGetti / per BNB
Listing Price: 186,562,500,000 SafeGetti / per BNB
Burned: 70% of Supply
Soft Cap: 150 BNB
Hard Cap: 800 BNB
Maximum Spend per Account: 8 BNB
Platform: Unicrypt
Audit : Yes
LP Lock: Yes — 256 Years
Instant Trading: Yes — Pancakeswap
Start: Sunday 23 May 15:00
End: Tue Jun 1 14:56
Total supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000 SafeGetti

Tokenomics SafeGetti
Sold: 19.9%
Liquidity: 7.3
team / other tokens: 72.4%
Total supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000 SafeGetti

Don’t just be an investor. Become a player!
Getti Bet allows everyone to play a fair betting game using only a Metamask wallet and earn BNB all managed by smart contracts! Earn up to 35x your stake with Getti Bet. And remember, 50% of all revenue will go towards buying back and burning SafeGetti tokens!

This is good.
The duration of the liquidity lockout is 265 years.
The listing price is higher than the presale price

it’s not good.

About the Anonymous team

No White Book. According to their website:
“holders are distributed a 5% transaction fee.”
“Great online betting game with buy back and burn integration.”
About dev wallet: 70% of the total supply has been burned. Now, the team holds 2.5% of the total supply. The little dev wallet is great. But the 50% liquidity lockout rate is rather small.

They said they would make a betting game on their website. However at the moment there are no live matches.

It’s no good that there is a big difference between softcap and hardcap. Because if the amount close to the hard cap is not collected, the price of the token can drop significantly at the start of the market.

For more information About GettiBet Project
Official Website: https://www.gettibet.com/
Telegram Group: https://t.me/getti_bet
Telegram Bounty: https://t.me/getti_bet
Join Pre-Sale: https://unicrypt.network/amm/pancakev2/ilo/0x8cc4f2216B7d99730AdAe274c0bb3210111Fe44c
BSC Scan: https://bscscan.com/token/0xee92a0e9adcecca4530fa32927168ac761403b58


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